Friendly exchanges of journalists, seminars, enriching the professional knowledge and presentation of awards for publications covering of eternal values — this was the Forum “Novomedia”-2015, the annual event of the Association of journalists-Christians “Novomedia”.

For the forum this year is anniversary, he goes for the fifth time. The focus as before — journalism and Christianity. But, as ever, intensely.

“If we talk about the number of speakers, there were about forty people, now it is 55 the top professionals. A more intense program, more concentrated,” says on the Forum the President of the Association of journalists-Christians “Novomedia” Ruslan Kukharchuk.
Community Novomedia unites journalists, who are Christians of various denominations, but because — based on shared values, spiritual unity and professional interests. Novomedia defines its mission “the healthy formation of information space in Ukraine”, and the adoption of Christian ethics in society through media.
“I think what makes “Novomedia” is a huge step for experience exchange, — said the President “MEDIAlliance International” Ronald Harris. — I think that not only Christian journalists must learn from secular journalists to the professionalism, but I hope there will come a time when secular journalists can learn from Christians. Not only their professionalism, but also values, and they will be able to obtain from them the hope that Christian journalists have as believers”.
High goals about promoting the eternal values in the media community are realized by awarding the prize of “NOVOMEDIA AWARDS”, which took place in the framework of the forum.
“We reward secular journalists for coverage of eternal values, family values, Christian values. Thus we thank the journalists and editors who in the market — in terms of the race for ratings have the ability to make the materials that cover things that do not change with time, explains the purpose of the award, Ruslan Kukharchuk.

Faith, God, family, Church, friendship, honor, love — these subjects in printed publications, TV programs and radio broadcasts that received the award. Rewards were given in two nominations: “Responsible journalism” — for a one-time materials and “Systematic coverage of eternal values” — for systematic work in the lighting of the “eternal” themes.
“I am deeply convinced that it is through Christian values we can transform our cities, the whole of Ukraine. I’m pretty sure there is no other way! And I’m always looking for something newsworthy to write about something bright, something eternal. And the readers ‘ feedback is very good, because people really do not have enough of this positive, which, again, is based on faith, hope and love.” — says the journalist of the newspaper “Sumy”, winner of the “NOVOMEDIA AWARDS”-2015 in the nomination “System coverage of eternal values” Irina Ortikova.
“We have a situation in the East of Ukraine escalated because the information field scored negative information about events in our country that we have bad government and so on. But this is positive information that reflects God’s work among the people, will give people the power. They will not be in the first place to pay attention to some far-fetched problems, they will look in the root of the problem”, — says the chief of staff of the training center “Puding” Nikolay Yakubovich, the guest of honor at the ceremony of “NOVOMEDIA AWARDS”. He presents the award to the STB for a series of articles about the military chaplains serving soldiers in the Donbas.
This year awards were given to eight editors and journalists. The President of the Association “Emmanuel” – Steve Weber presented the statuette “NOVOMEDIA AWARDS” to the members of the editorial Board of the program “Morning” on inter TV channel for a series of Bible stories under the heading “Faith”, prepared for Easter.
“Christian values is what holds society. If in our society there is no truth, faith and principles of the Bible, then society collapses. Therefore it is so important,” — said the President of the Association “Emmanuel” – Steve Weber.
The ceremony of “NOVOMEDIA AWARDS” held for the third time. During this time, awards approximately thirty works and editions. Organizers say they hope: thanks to the award, the media will pay more attention to events and phenomena that will help their viewers and readers to understand the need of enduring eternal values.

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