This week, American Evangelical leaders met in the oval office to pray about President trump. There was Tony Perkins, pastor Jack Graham, Ralph reed, Michele Bachmann, and many others.

Johnny Moore, former senior Vice-President of the University, “Liberty”, has published photos of this special event. But, according to Mora, it’s not just sharing photographs. He says that the proof of the trust relationship between the Evangelical community and the current administration.

Also recently, the President trump said in an exclusive interview CBN founder Pat Robertson, he has a special bond with Evangelical Christians.

“Evangelical Christians helped me a lot. They gave me an impressive support. And I got 83%. They broke all records! They have never acted. And we’re very helpful. I got rid of the Johnson amendment. And now we will try to get rid of it forever in Congress. I’ve already signed a to now people, like you, I want to hear it, — clergymen, preachers, rabbis, whoever it was could speak. Believe me, this will be very useful for Christianity! Just wonderful. And it will be useful for religion,” the President said trump in an interview with Pat Robertson.

Full interview of Pat with President trump you can see on the website cbnnews.com.

And in the beginning of last week President trump has been very busy abroad, at the G20 summit in Hamburg, where on the streets, aggressive demonstrators. They burned cars, attacked a shopping and fighting with the police. In the midst of this chaos, Christians have acted differently. They gathered to pray for peace in their country. To the question “why” the leader of this prayer initiative said that this is the commandment of God to Christians.

“We all understand that in this situation only one police force is not enough. The Bible in the First Epistle to Timothy urges us to pray for all that are in authority, those who are in authority. And we can pray to obey the will of God. The Lord has promised that it will be”, — said the leader of the prayer initiative Bernd Bettinghaus.

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