Evangelical leaders wants the United States to accept more refugees

A group of Evangelical leaders appealed to the administration trump demanding to increase the number of refugees who will be admitted to the United States. This happened after the Secretary of state said about drastic changes.

Last week, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced plans to reduce the number of refugees that will take US up to 15 thousand next year. This will reduce the number to 30,000, which is the lowest figure since the passage by Congress of the first act of the refugees in 1980. The leaders of the “Evangelical immigration table” I ask the administration to increase the number, not decrease it. They want to set the bar at 75 thousand, as it was in the United States since the early 2000s.

These Christian leaders claim that the US violates not only tradition, but also reduces the number when the help is needed most.

“From 1980 year, we’ve seen both Republican and democratic administrations took a lot of refugees, says Jenny Yang from the worship of the “World Relief” international Agency for relief and development. The number of 30 is a concern, because today we are facing the worst refugee crisis since the Second world war.”

All over the world are trying to escape from the dangers around twenty-five million refugees. Many of Syria. Advocates surprised by the recent reduction in the number of refugees because in addition to the struggle for religious freedom trump the administration and the President himself promised to help persecuted Christians.

But the data of the state Department show that with the decrease in the number of refugees accepted over the past two years, the number of Christian refugees also diminished. However, the administration, trump said that the reception of refugees in the United States is not the only way to help. Sometimes it’s better and more economical to leave them in his native region. President trump said on Tuesday during his speech at the UN.

“The best policy is to put the refugees as close to home to facilitate their return during the recovery process,” — said trump.

MAN: “CBN News,” joined Heather MPEI cells — special CBN reporter from the White house. Heather, is there any wiggle room in that number?

Heather MPEI Cells:
A week ago we heard “Yes” and now – “not really.” And one of the reasons lies in the fact that the President has to consult on this matter with Congress, but rather from the legal Committee of the Senate, which, as we know, now has other plans.

MAN what is the purpose of the administration of the trump reduces the number of refugees?

Officials claim that the compassionate answer is to allow the refugees to stay in their native region, not to carry them in the US, and that is also economically feasible.
But it’s a moot point, because just a year ago the President told the CBN reporter David Brody: “the rescue of the Christian refugees is a priority for us”. Of course, now the administration a debate about which path is best.

MHN: is this a test of who can come? We have already seen how such was the case in Muslim countries.

I think it’s a combination of all of the above. Someone in the administration says that America’s interests should come first, and we don’t want to worry about those who come here, so reduce their number. But at the same time the administration must respond to those who flee because of their faith. And they lowered that number to historical figures, while previously we took a lot of refugees.

MHN: what about Christians who are being driven abroad, and who need to be here, because otherwise death awaits them? How all this will affect them?

They will not be able to easily get in the USA if the number will remain at 30 thousand. It surprised many. The administration decided to put a hard rule, despite the fact that she fights for religious freedom around the world.

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