To some it may seem that the death of Evangelist Billy Graham – a sign of change in the spiritual life of America, and change not for the better. But world-renowned Evangelist Dutch sheets believes that there comes a twist that will lead to a global harvest of billions of souls.

Conference is necessary and useful. But the meeting in the hotel “trump international”, which arrived Dutch sheets and over a thousand other Christians special. It means what is coming, in the literal sense, the transformation of the nation. One of the friends of the Ministry of Evangelist Dutch Sheats in April received a startling prophecy for the United States.

“After ten months of chaos and the first three years will be a turning point for America,” says the Evangelist Dutch sheets.

Without a doubt, the last ten months have been filled with political upheaval, hurricanes, fires, floods — all possible disasters. But sheets said that the time has come when the people of God will insist on the promised change.

“There is a special level petition – a prophetic proclamation, the petition of the kings, the proclamation of God’s promises. This will lead us to what we ask for 25-30 years — the third Great awakening in America and to ocheretna Great revival throughout the world. And I am sure that the greatest harvest in history starts now,” he continues.

The sheets says that believers need to renew the call to move with the heavens as at the time when, during the war of independence, the founding fathers recognized that there could be a free people without the help of God, and raised flags with the inscription “Appeal to heaven”.

“Our founders knew they could not defeat the British, if you do not intervene God. If He is with us, we can win. If not, then we have no chance. So they said, “We intend to appeal to heaven”. Later, they added this phrase in the Declaration, you can see it in the end. They presented their conditions and said: “we call upon the Supreme judge of the Universe,” says Dutch sheets.

The sheets believe that God now tells the people: “I must apply what I have applied for the birth of the nation to revive it, because America needs a revival”.

Cindy Jacobs prophesied Sitsu that the revival must begin in the birthday of Washington in the city named in his honor.

“The Holy Spirit said, “Tell him to Dutch starts on 22 February in Washington, D.C.,” says the Evangelist.

Many believe that America is in need of this.

“Revival is a return to God of that country. It apostasia (apostasy). We are a nation of apostates. We have rejected the Creator. Something must happen in the hearts of people when they say to myself and aloud, “What he thinks about God?” This return to Him, return to His Word, it’s a return to His way,” he continues.

The Evangelist says that this could lead to changes that will affect all of society.

“If we sow seeds of righteousness, we receive the blessings of heaven. This means that marriages are being healed physically and spiritually, life restored, leaving addiction, disappearing disease,” says Dutch sheets.

Sheets, hoped that after the restored America God change the whole world.

“I think over the next 20 years we will see more people saved than in the previous de thousands. I think it will be not millions, but billions. I have no doubt that soon a tidal wave of revival will shake up Asia and then roll directly into the middle East. The best days of the Church, not in the past. They are waiting for us ahead,” he says.

You may think that it has nothing to do with you, but if you can pray, if you can intercede for your nation, so you can participate in this process.

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