Evangelist Greg Laurie got to remove the billboards is crusade

In southern California real estate company made Evangelist Greg Laurie to remove the billboards advertising it crusade. They claim that the image of Laurie with the Bible became a reason for discontent.

The company claims that the religious image was the cause of many complaints and even the so-called “serious threats”. The staff of “harvest Evangelism” proposed new version of the billboards, but the company decided to remove their billboards after complaints. The speaker of “harvest” said they do not blame the company and culture.

“It saddens me that our culture was on this level of intolerance. There is a serious intolerance against the message of Christianity. We are not allowed to speak publicly or promote the holding of this event,” said Executive Director of “harvest” John Collins.

Crusade harvest will be held from 17th to 19th August at the stadium “Angel” in Anaheim.

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