“Every children’s book, by my standards – in the first sermon,” the words, characters and cartoons assumption that will remain with us

On 81-m to year of life has died children’s writer Eduard Uspensky. His books, characters and quotes – the selection “Pravmir”.

“I am for life I realized one thing: with age a person becomes smarter, rather the opposite. And if he does not answer the key questions at the beginning of his way, the finale certainly not understand. And ready answers do not exist at all.”

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Eduard Uspensky. 1988 Photo: RIA Novosti/ Vladimir Rodionov

“Kids today just stick to the TV! Of course, it is easier to lie on the couch and click on the buttons than to read and reflect on the reading. Reading is work. In this case, the important role of parents that have associated children to literature. Then, when the child will understand that reading is one of the great lessons that came up with his humanity, he himself will open the book.
– Well, if parents are shiftless?
– It means that their grandchildren would all be fools”.
From an interview with the newspaper “Trud”

“I’m a man purely Christian. And each fairy story is trying to Express something important in this sense the idea. Every children’s book, according to my notions, — first sermon.

Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka — a sermon on what animals should be full citizens in this land. So crocodile Gena works in a zoo as a crocodile.

Uncle Fedor — idea under the motto “give children more freedom!”. I preached faith in the fact that the child is more adapted to life than is often considered his parents. And it is not necessary so to restrain children, it is better to give them more will (but of course under control), so as not to make them a lisping girls and boys”.

From an interview with the newspaper “Arguments and facts”


“I’m a very good professional. Every carpenter knows how to make a stool, but one she’ll come out strong, beautiful and will last a hundred years, and the other will do so, sit down, and then ass on the floor will pop. In this sense, I make stools, probably, maybe even the best. But — only stools, not a more solid furniture.”
From an interview with the newspaper “Arguments and facts”

“The real heroes of the book at all, alas, are born very infrequently. Character — a rare gift and a rare commodity. Once I was told that for all time the Soviet government came only three of these literary characters: Ostap Bender, Vasily Terkin and Cheburashka. Today I do not see a figure comparable to them in scale. Except that Potter. But how long can he still live?”

From an interview with the newspaper “Arguments and facts”


Storyboard of the cartoon “Holidays in Prostokvashino”, 1980, Soyuzmultfilm. © Photo: Archive of Museum of cinema/Valery Melnikov


(Modern teenagers) “They were infantile in life, have disappeared collective thinking, they’ve lost the spirit of street freedom. But, on the other hand, modern Teens are very matured in relationships, business, the Internet. So it is not so simple, because, I suspect, the modern child psychology not easy”.
From an interview with the newspaper “Evening Moscow”

The figure of the artist and the Director of the cartoon “Crocodile Gena” by Roman Kachanov. Photo: From the private archive of Eduard Uspensky


“The concept of friendship has changed. From old friendship, when the guys went ahead with sticks and with stakes to protect your yard, nothing left. A new friendship – I don’t know what it is now – she’s some kind of computer. When I was in “Artek”, where I communicate with children – great kids, I had a great contact with them and with counselors. Everything was put right. Well, I can’t be judged by Artek”.

From an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”

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