“Everything will not to stab” – as I have refused vaccinations for their child

In early childhood I did not do child vaccinations. No. A few seconds after delivery I reported this to the doctors and signed a waiver. Several times came to me to learn if I cheated on a decision, and behind.

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Why I decided not to vaccinate

Courses for pregnant women, which led a mother, a practicing doctor of female consultation, there was a lot of useful information, and it seemed to me that all the words of this doctor can be taken on faith. It was my first pregnancy, no previous experience was, the views of parents on the health, care, education seemed to be largely outdated and partly, of course, was true.

A lot was said about prolonged breastfeeding, preparation for childbirth, baby care – this knowledge then me has really helped, I became quite opinionated mother. The idea is not to do vaccinations, and the arguments for this decision seemed quite reasonable.

In fact, at that time was not widely understandable to research the effectiveness of vaccinations. There was little information on the mechanism of action of vaccines. The forums gave examples of the terrible complications in “son of a friend of a friend twice removed aunt of one of my distant cousin a couple of decades ago.” This topic was actively developed as the proponents of homeopathy, and often those who refused the shots, one way or another it was immersed. On these forums it was proposed various ways to “circumvent” vaccination both legal (a variety of official complaints and petitions with finding holes in the legislation), and not (fake certificates, bribery).

All of this would reinforce the sometimes hysterical and aggressive statements of doctors faced by parents in response to their failures. Intimidation, threats, rudeness almost always led to the fact that the mother in its quest to protect the child from the “vaccinators” have become more resistant. A story about negligence in inspection before vaccination even more convinced that “mindlessly chopping everyone, and perhaps this is something worth it.”

The options were different, but basically it all comes down to multi-scale conspiracy theories. “The producers of vaccinations and spend their inventions on our children in exchange for that amount of money.” “The doctors pay extra for the “coverage” of”. “The batch of vaccine began to deteriorate, and that chopping it to everyone”.

In addition, there was a very obvious positive dissent – “we are not like everyone else, we’re going against the system” and “we think parents would be some grafting to do, but everything I inject just will not”. Needless to say – this is a very attractive position, especially for mothers on maternity leave or unemployed, who want to feel important, leading active – for example, fighting for the lives and health of children. I say this with irony, because she was such.

How was the child without vaccinations

In the first weeks after the hospital offered to make at least BCG, again marked something in the map and is no longer haunted. Relatives and friends do not let my decisions (who would try anything to prevent), and most are supported. I became a very good, attentive mother, contrary to the prejudice that besprovodnye family is marginalized from the margins.

For admission to the kindergarten the principal said, because she’s not a doctor and no expert on vaccinations, is only a doctor that your child can visit a kindergarten. In public kindergarten to besprovodnoy also treated with respect, not peachily not called on the carpet several times offered to do something, but I regularly signed the waivers.

I must say that “ardent antipresidential” I was not – I spoke only when asked. All this time I regularly read the arguments “for” and “against” of certain vaccinations and did not rule out that some vaccinations to do ever.

And probably the main armature to return was the district nurse: “of Course, you, as a mom, you know what’s best for your child. But if you change your mind at any time to come in and do any vaccination.”

Respect my decision, which I encountered in contrast to the cries that “the vaccinators” I want to get as many children’s souls, forced me to return again and again to the question of vaccination, to read, to read, to find additional arguments.

As for childhood – I have, like many besprovodnykh parents, there was a deep conviction that a child without immunizations and with a long breast-feeding will hurt less. That is, SARS and other seasonal ailments will ignore it, the overall health will be stronger, because vaccination “kill the immune system”.

After 3 years ill never move. SARS passed to complications, we were home alone for months with little forays in kindergarten, after which the child again fell sick. On the other hand, never got sick from any diseases that are vaccinated, although some of them were walking by a kindergarten and families, and they successfully had our vaccinated friends. However, now I do not think this argument against, just, apparently, we tripped and herd immunity.

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There is only one question – to risk or not

Left confidence of youth. That the vaccinated can get sick, not vaccinated may not get sick that there are rare complications, and we don’t know who “lucky” that you can die from lung disease, and someone has been ill, severe illness and recover, and then die in a car crash – understanding this, but there is only one question. There is always a risk so you need to be protected or left unprotected? This question everyone decides for themselves and their children.

The same question we decide, buckling to transport themselves and their children. The same thing, essentially locking the apartment when leaving the house. Most likely, they don’t enter before you go to the store, and many years ago held the door open. But today decided to lock the door, and we do it mechanically.

Of course, health is a more delicate matter, and to think, to watch, to observe, to learn. But the question is, in fact, only one – to risk or not.

As well as the forums and the arguments of antireligioznik, sometimes referring to data of the XIX and XX centuries, I read articles of real doctors, scientific information and instructions to the vaccines. In addition, I analyzed their behavior – it was impossible not to admit that the decision was taken under foreign influence, pride, self-confidence is not given to retreat. Because many of the arguments just adjusted to the idea is not to be vaccinated, and people do not notice, how about this movement of the occult, mysticism, unfounded fears.

For example, I’ve never been clear on why, having made the decision not to vaccinate, it is imperative to believe in the “memory” of water to be treated by homeopathy or have to give birth at home. All this can be called passion, which sometimes happens to find a grain of truth. Many of the principles of natural parenting, vegetarian nutrition, education in the someone speculation “traditions” – work in specific situations and families, sometimes up to a certain age, but their complex long-term result is much less understood than the mechanism of action of vaccines in the body. Although the poor knowledge of vaccination and its consequences becomes a concrete argument for the denial of vaccinations.

Before school I again politely offered to vaccinate a child against measles, and I suddenly realized that I was in this nothing is scary. As expected, the vaccine was moved completely unnoticed. Gradually began to do. None of them caused any serious reactions, complications and further health problems. By the way, the school the child because of the age began to hurt less, despite the fact that he received vaccinations.

Of course, I know there are opinions among physicians about how, when and what to do, and sometimes they differ. But let the discussion of specific situations with specific children and vaccinations will remain their parents and doctors.

Why should not be afraid to change your mind

Sometimes to change your mind and change your solution much more complicated than “once and for all to solve.” You can torture a variety of doubts like these.

What think all I did for so long was sure(a) that it is not necessary to vaccinate a child

You’re so confidently went ahead when she decided not to vaccinate. And absolutely didn’t care what think of all you did it for the health of the child, let and wrong. Now, the same thing.

How do I explain my decision

You don’t have anyone to explain its decision, as is likely, they did not explain it before. You are a parent, it’s your child, and you can just act as you think proper. You can always refer to the literature that convinced, and not to engage in a serious discussion.

Suddenly now my child refuse to be vaccinated

No, I will not refuse. Vaccinations as not to make them – your legal right. Perhaps some vaccinations are not age, but you can insist on the rest.

Around me friends/parents/and even doctors who believe they don’t need to vaccinate – don’t know how to resist them

Here you would sign under the fact that the decision not to vaccinate was not yours. It is better to take your decision independently and be responsible for it, not to blame then the blame for any consequences to friends, parents and even doctors.

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What to do doctors to be convinced of the necessity of vaccinations

There are likely about what NOT to do. The mother who made the decision, already known to be configured on defence – if you try hard to persuade, or she does not discuss, or begin an aggressive brush-off, requiring, for example, to sign a document that in the case of the effects from the vaccinations you take responsibility.

However, a mistake to think that the conversation does not make sense.

Be on the side of the parent, implying that his decision is law

Moreover, the law is so long. Is not disputed that the parent has the right to such a solution, show that you are not there to compel him to be vaccinated, come what may.

Don’t threaten

Threat (do not take to daycare, school, camp) lead to a withdrawal from the discussion and to more persistence, is additionally cause to doubt the competence of a doctor – because, again, by law, the absence of vaccination can not be the reason for the exclusion to the garden.

Don’t lie

Never use false arguments: “Vaccinations prevent disease 100%”, “You’ll get sick,” “vaccination is never any complications, All patients are deprivity” etc. Lie only creates ground for the charges of doctors and unnecessary suspicion.

Do not bully stories

Will not help the scary story about how someone died from disease, making a vaccine. Believe me, this mom’s own collection of scary stories about the effects from vaccinations, and after stories of those who had been vaccinated and got sick.

Most likely, among the victims of her personal friends, and it can be a convincing issue.

Ask among relatives and acquaintances, the rate of severe consequences from vaccinations

Most likely, the answer is “no”, or the consequences weren’t so severe. However, this is a question that makes to think further.

Always carefully and thoroughly inspect prior to vaccination, to answer the questions of parents

Vaccination and neprivychnye mom your plot tight. Careless, rudeness, carelessness will be known – and this is an additional argument against vaccination and the doctors who do them.

Do not avoid the conversation: identify a short story about the mechanism of action of vaccination and collective immunity. Refer to modern understandable article

Often, when dealing with antireligioznik, the doctor folds. “It makes no sense to say that.” “They are stupid, still do not understand.” In addition, the doctor has no time though to hold a conversation about the need for vaccinations he seems to be obliged.

Not stupid, just different arguments were at some point more convincing.

Need to prepare short clear story about the mechanism of action of vaccinations. You can print it and present to mom. Maybe she will throw it in the trash, but most of all, read it, and it’s better than nothing to say.

Be sure to bring the following argument: indeed, without making a vaccination to live happily and not get sick, but this is largely due to the fact that others made them. This argument encourages to think and work.

Link to contemporary article, written in clear language, and better if they were written by real doctors, not copywriters.

Respectful talk, share fears and doubts

Respect for position, understanding, and a decent argument in the end can cause the parent to change its decision. No need to wait that this will happen overnight, but it is likely – even if in a few years.

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