Evgeniy Osin – the good deeds that nobody knew

Romantic from the 90s, the author of a simple and somewhat naive songs about love – in the memory of many Evgeniy Osin will remain that way. Few people knew about his other side – for many years Eugene was a benefactor of many organizations, where he is remembered with gratitude. And always Eugene were anonymous, not advertising their good deeds. Therefore, information about how he helped other people, had to find literally bit by bit.

  • As Mikhail Zadornov wishes of sick children played
  • Oleg Tabakov helped colleagues, their families, students and elderly

Gift to us was very helpful

Ilya Kuskov, the head of the shelter for homeless people “a Warm welcome” in the past – the head of the bus “Mercy”:

– Eugene found my phone, called, introduced myself and we agreed that he come home tonight to the Area of three stations where began our usual route “Mercy”. He came, worked with us and then expressed a desire to support us. I think he wanted to make sure that it is a real project that he is working. In the end he bought our service a UAZ-“loaf”. We had no machines for this work, as the exit call, for example, so that gift to us was very helpful, we were very happy. Actually it was a very good and sympathetic person.

Sound system in the Church was installed at his expense

Nikita Danov, in the past, the advocate of “Mercy”:

– Initially, we, the staff of service “Mercy”, did not even know exactly who we donated the Car. Just sounded that it was made by “a famous singer”. That is, he never advertised his good deeds. And as it turned out, a UAZ-“loaf” is not the only case of Eugene Christian.

Then I saw him several times in the temple of All Saints resplendent in the Russian Land, Novokosino. The Abbot of the temple then was John Chizhenok. Eugene spoke with him. Then I found out that the new sound system, which appeared in the temple, were established on the funds of Eugene. I think he has done many good things, which few people know.

He settled in the school’s music teacher to see his daughter more often

Fedor Anishchenko, a volunteer psychologist of the charitable organization “Caritas” in the past – the employee of service “Mercy”:

– I loved Eugene for his wonderful deeds! I personally have a lot of time went into this UAZ which was presented to Eugene. It’s really a railroad, no dwelling “loaf” with iron doors. She’s still on the balance of the service “Mercy” and still leaves the challenge!

The bus “Mercy” was great, he collected homeless throughout Moscow, employees of the bus assisted them. But sometimes there were urgent calls for other parts of the city – for example, somewhere in Tsaritsyno freezes. And we had all 15-20 homeless on the big bus to go there. So when I had the Car, we were divided: part of the brigade sat in the Car and went to pick up this freezing homeless man, and the main bus “Mercy” went on to his main route. It was very comfortable.

I also know that Eugene has been donating money to feeding the homeless in the organization “Food of life”. We are only now, by chance, through a friend, find out about what Eugene did a lot of good deeds. He had a very good relationship with his second daughter – he got a job in the school you used to go to his daughter, simple music teacher, in order to see her more often! A great soul man!

Prepared By Olga Lunina

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