Ex-Metropolitan Alexander “translated” the arrival of DNC with false documents

The rector of the Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God S. morozivka Archpriest Nicholas Brega, photos from the social network Facebook.

The Network published documents according to which the Metropolitan Alexander (drabinko) “blessed” in ptsu community s. Morozovka allegedly at the request of a local priest.

A former Metropolitan of the UOC Alexander (drabinko) was “blessed” to take in ptsu parish in honour of the Uspenie of the Mother of God S. morozivka baryshevsky district, Kiev region, ostensibly in response to a petition of the rector, Archpriest Nicholas Brega. With the signature of FR on the published paper.

Under the post of Metropolitan Alexander in Facebook, in which he tells about joining a new Church structure for parishes, “the Boryspil diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine”, the commentators gave a screen message of Archpriest Nicholas Brega.

“I did not write anything!!! And did not sign!!! I’m from a village not away, hut sprinkle!!! Come to Sunday service and hear!!!” – stated in the message of the clergymen of the UOC.

Earlier in Boryspil eparchy stated that information about the transition of the religious community of the village of Morozovka in ptsu is not true, since father Nicholas, and his parishioners legally and canonically remain in the bosom of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

As reported by the SPM, the former Metropolitan of the UOC Alexander (drabinko) was allocated to the priest-the dissenter who was left without a congregation due to the failure of the religious community to go to ptsu, new arrival.

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