Exarch Fanara: Now members of the UOC can safely go in ptsu

Archbishop Pamphylian Daniel announced the completion of its mission as Constantinople Exarch in Ukraine, because of “historical justice has been restored”

The Ukrainian Church was granted its independence, and now the bishops, clergy and laity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church can safely and with no pressure on her to move on. This January 6 in an interview with “Straight” said the Exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Archbishop Pamphylian Daniel, congratulating Ukrainians “with the extraordinary historical event – the presentation of the Tomos of independence of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.”

“I’m sure it will happen, – said the representative Fanara. – Many priests, bishops and laity waited for the Orthodox Church of Ukraine will get their independence when Constantinople the Mother Church will proclaim to the world once and for all that the restored historical justice. Today, she realized. Now it is time for bishops, clergy, laity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which has repeatedly said that they are part of the particularity of our Church.”

He noted that in the preparation of the “unification Council” of Constantinople, the Exarch was difficult to find a contact with representatives of the UOC, but “after that, we held several meetings with the President of Ukraine, Chairman of Verkhovna Rada, representatives of the various branches of the Ukrainian government and started the process of finding a compromise in order to place the unification Council of our Church.”

Archbishop Daniel was assured that the newly formed Church structure would not be dependent on Constantinople.

“Some individuals began to accuse the Ecumenical Patriarchate that in the Tomos entered a kind of spiritual dependence of the Ukrainian Church from Constantinople. Of course, it is the Mother Church. We have a spiritual relationship with Mother Church. This does not mean that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is dependent on Constantinople – it has a spiritual kinship with her, recognized the supremacy of the Ecumenical Patriarch as first among equals. (…) The Miro will be granted by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Kyiv metropolis – it reiterates the relationship of the two Churches,” said Archbishop Daniel and said he was returning to the USA to his flock.

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