Exarch Fanara: Please Filaret to allow the Epiphany to be the head of the Church

“Honorable acting spiritual mentor” ptsu “Patriarch” Filaret Denisenko, the head of the DNC “Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine” Epiphany Dumenko

For members of the ptsu Filaret could be considered the spiritual grandfather and Patriarch, but for everyone else – he’s a former Metropolitan of Kiev, – said the Archbishop of the Pamphylian Daniel.

Archbishop of Constantinople Pamphylian noted that “honorable current spiritual mentor” ptsu “Patriarch” Filaret is the time to understand his place in the history of new Church structures.

“That’s all I ask of Filaret, let the Epiphany be the head of the Church! Be spiritual grandfather, father, advise, but give the ability to do their job,” said Archbishop Daniel in an interview with “BBC”.

According to the Exarch, Filaret has a chance to destroy what “honorable acting spiritual mentor” has built throughout his life.

Archbishop Daniel stressed that even in his state “honorable acting spiritual mentor” ptsu and is “out of respect to his old age, out of respect for his service to the Church” title “Patriarch”, to the public he is a former “Metropolitan of Kiev”.

Himself Philaret Denisenko in an interview with “Radio Liberty” previously admitted that Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, who led the meeting, “unifying Council” December 15, 2018, demanded that Filaret to remove your “Patriarchal” cockle and come to Sophia in the cap. “I explained that I not the Patriarch,” Filaret complained then.

Subsequently, Filaret has repeatedly stated that it continues to consider himself the Patriarch and is going to manage the PCU, together with the Epiphany.

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