Exhibition about the Royal family decorated the Christmas celebrations at the Department of Russia in Buenos Aires


On December 12 in Buenos Aires at the Department of Russian, faculty of International relations, National University of La Plata (NULP) held a solemn event dedicated to the end of the school year at the Russian language courses, as well as the upcoming holidays – Christmas and New year.


The event was attended by students and teachers of the Official courses of the Russian language, St. Petersburg State University, opened this year in Buenos Aires, as well as the Russian compatriots living in Argentina, the representatives of NALP and the local community.


The audience welcomed the head of Russian language courses Tamara Yevtushenko and head of the Department of Russian OLP Roberto Konsani.


The guests of the event were the students who read poems about Russian winter, talked about Russian writers and artists who have dedicated their works to the Christmas theme. Sounded made by the students of the Spanish translation of Russian poems. Students sang Christmas songs, sang Christmas carols. At the end of the evening was a choir of the Orthodox resurrection Cathedral.


A special place in the evening’s program took the theme of the Royal family. Was shown about her documentary, students of the courses of the Russian language made the presentation: “the Last Tsar of the Russian Empire and the Royal family”.


Guests of the event familiarized with photo exhibition about the Royal family, prepared with the support of the Moscow Sretensky monastery and Orthodoxy EN.

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