Exhibition “Charity during the First world war” will take place in Berlin


The 100th anniversary of the First world war in the exhibition hall “Tolstoy” Russian house of science and culture in Berlin opens the exhibition “Mercy in the First world war“, reports the website of the Fund Gregory the theologian. The exhibition will be available to the public from October 30 to November 14, 2018.

The first world war, a military conflict, not having at that time equal in history, lasted from 1 August 1914 to 11 November 1918. This 1568 days. In the war involved 38 States in which lived 70% of the population all over the world. The armed struggle was waged on the fronts of General for 2 500 – 4 000 km. the Total losses of all the belligerents amounted, according to various estimates, from 8 to 10 million people killed and died of wounds (not counting civilians). This tragic time was accompanied by an exceptional scale charity aid to victims of war.

The “great” war led to large losses in the active armies. Thousands of troops needed help. Charity did a great job: took care of the wounded, provided support to prisoners of war and refugees, even organised the purchase of ambulances for the army. People care for the wounded, collected donations for the troops and their families, to knit socks for soldiers, collected food for convalescents, organized concerts.

The display will be photos and documents 1914-1918, dedicated to the charity during the First world war from the collection of the State archive of the Russian Federation, Russian state military historical archive, the Central State archive of the city of Moscow, State Central Museum of contemporary history of Russia, Elisabeth-sergievskoe educational society (Russia). Curator of the exhibition – Igor Lapshin

The exhibition will also feature postcards of the era of war from the collections of the Russian state library of arts, the Publishing House “Krepostnoy”, Philatelic Studio of Igor Pugachev, St.-Petersburg club of fans of history of postcards and private collections of K. A. Ladyzhenskaya, A. S. Medyakova, A. A. and V. G. Melitonyan Palagnyuk. Recruitment postcards were made by A. C. Pennies.

The event was organized by the Charity Fund named after Saint Gregory the theologian to the 100th anniversary of the First world war with the support of: the Embassy of Russia in Germany, the Evangelical Church in Germany, the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Publishers of the Moscow Patriarchate, the Union of deltiology Russia, OOO “Gazprom dobycha Urengoy”.

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