Expert: After Ukraine Fanar to start weaning the territories of other Churches

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

The Patriarchate of Constantinople “should first deal with Ukraine,” after which he “will get to other countries and territories.”

The precedent of Ukraine opens the way to global expansion panara, and his next step will be a Declaration that all the territories which belonged to him before, should belong to him now. This view was expressed by the philosopher vitantis, a member of the Synodal biblical-theological Commission of the ROC Arkady Maler in his comments to the “RIA Novosti”.

According to the expert, at the end of the “Ukrainian project” the Patriarchate of Constantinople can begin weaning the territories of other Churches, which in the XVII century, the subordination to Moscow, belonged to the Kyivan Metropolitanate. Then the Archdiocese has lucala in itself, including the territory of today Russia, Belarus and Poland.

“I don’t even exclude that it may be withdrawn autocephaly in 1589 – the autocephaly of the Moscow Patriarchate, – said Mahler. – Of course, this all links in a chain… Borders geopolitical appetites Fanara simply no – they are endless”.

According to him, the aggressive policy of Constantinople on the assignment itself the new territories may be due to the fact that he was “somewhat offended by all the Local Churches because none of them its not officially supported” about its actions in Ukraine.

“So now, in the next step, Fanar will be, first, to revoke autocephaly, which he gave. We know that under the threat of such feedback constantly for many years, lives, for example, the Church of the Czech lands and Slovakia, that is in good relations with the Moscow Patriarch. They believe that this is their territory, their land. In relation to Polish, Albanian and other Churches, or who received autocephaly from Constantinople, or which the autocephaly of Constantinople does not recognize, such as the Orthodox Church in America, it will require either of abrogation or revocation of autocephaly,” – said the expert.

Mahler also stressed that, according to the concept Fanara, all areas of the world that are not within the canonical bounds of other Churches, are automatically territory of the Patriarchate of Constantinople is North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, almost all the Islands of the world and much of Asia.

Earlier, on November 2, the Archbishop of the Patriarchate of Constantinople job (Hecha) stated that the attitude of the Russian Orthodox Church may apply certain measures if it “will not appeal to the mind” and “return to unity with the Ecumenical throne.”

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