Expert: Church leaders will have to choose who to wish merry Christmas

6 January comes the moment of truth.

Religious analyst mark Gorski believes that Fanar placed before the heads of the local Orthodox Churches a trap, and the moment of truth will come on January 6.

The presentation of the Tomos of autocephaly of the DNC, announced on 6 January, put the heads of local Orthodox Churches face a choice: whom and with what title to congratulate you on the Nativity of the canonical Primate of the UOC his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry or “Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine” Epiphanius, says religious analyst, candidate of theology mark Gorsky.

In his text published on the website of the Metropolitan Tulchin and Bratslav Jonathan (Yeletsky), the expert notes that all the heads of the local Autocephalous Churches, including the Patriarch of Constantinople, traditionally sent their official greetings and best wishes from the canonical Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, starting from the date of its formation.

“But in Kiev, the efforts of the current official Ukrainian authorities and the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, in the middle of December 2018 appeared “Autocephalous ptsu”, the head of which is the “shadow” of the schismatic Philaret Denisenko – “Metropolitan” Epiphanius, canonically questionable hierarchal consecration from the same anathematising “Patriarch” Philaret, but nevertheless, received from Patriarch Bartholomew (also dubious) title of “Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine””, – says the analyst.

According to him, “Fanar deftly placed before the heads of Churches a kind of net-trap”.

“If any of them congratulate Christmas “Llagostera” Epiphany, but still with a title of “Kiev and all Ukraine”, it means that he recognized his legitimate election, – says the expert. – And if somebody merry Christmas to the canonical Metropolitan Onufry, mentioning his rightful title of “his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine”, that go against the authority of the Patriarch Bartholomew, who, and look, I’ll withdraw Constantinople’s Tomos of autocephaly “discourteous” of the head of the Local Autocephalous Church.”

Mark Gorski believes that the elected date of presentation of Thomas – 6 Jan, when the heads of the Churches need to congratulate each other a merry Christmas the official address will be the moment of truth that will force “ottalkivayas of the Orthodox Churches to publicly reveal his relationship to the newly established PCU” and “put the real start of the separation (not division) in a single Family of local Autocephalous Churches in the Ecumenical Orthodox Church.”

As reported by the SPM, Patriarch Bartholomew has invited the newly elected head of the DNC Epiphany for concelebration of the Liturgy at the Phanar, and providing him with Thomas. It is assumed that the Epiphany will go to Istanbul for Tomos 6 Jan.

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