Expert: martial law the government is preparing for conflict with opponents ETC

Bone Bondarenk commented on the introduction of martial law

Martial law creates the conditions for the conversion of churches to other jurisdictions, considers Konstantin Bondarenko.

Martial law the government is preparing for a confrontation with those who are dissatisfied with the creation of an artificial “Church” in Ukraine. This was told by political analyst Konstantin Bondarenko in the comment SPM.

“The introduction of martial law in areas where most minority members of the UOC, just shows that the government is ready to face the possible discontent of citizens attempts to create an artificial “Church”, – said the analyst. And plus, maybe the noise that a number of the clergy went to their temples moved to a new jurisdiction”.

Bondarenko said that the law on the introduction of martial law gives the opportunity, if the command of the troops decides that a particular Church has a strategic importance should be taken away, and then return to another community.

As explained earlier, the experts, the introduction in Ukraine of martial law does not limit the right to freedom of religion but limits the right to religious street event or procession. In turn, the Director of the Department of religious Affairs of the Ministry of culture Andriy yurash said that the conflict in the Kerch Strait will inspire community groups to accelerate the implementation of the project of the Local Church in Ukraine.

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