Expert: the Authorities have developed over the years a way to capture the temples

Candidate of political Sciences, political scientist Kirill Molchanov

Law No. 4128, which is designed to help PCU expanding parishes, the authorities have prepared 2 years ago and made at a convenient time, said Kirill Molchanov.

The algorithm to capture the temples and monasteries of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church authorities were developed more than a year, said the candidate of political Sciences, political analyst Kirill Molchanov in the air “Pershoho Kozickogo”.

“Bill No. 4128, which they took, they wrote it yesterday. He was already there 2 years in Parliament. The authorship of the Deputy from “popular front” Victor yelensky. He is also popularly known as the “Church RAID”. They just set it aside, and waited. And that’s when this situation contributed to the fact that to make it, they began to consider it”, – the expert reminded.

Molchanov I am sure that in this case, the deputies and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko trying to help PCU to grow parishes.

The creation of new Church structures and Poroshenko is actively used in his election campaign, so it is extremely important that this religious organization seemed to somehow scale, explained the analyst.

The President called it a great achievement of the transition in the PCU 100 parishes of the canonical Church, – said Molchanov. And mentioned that in the bosom of the UOC at the moment is about 12,000 parishes.

“In these volumes the design is a failure, and it carries a more negative reputational attacks on the President,” the expert concluded.

Molchanov noted that ptsu is still not officially registered, and in fact the Ukrainian Orthodox communities were forcibly transferred under the jurisdiction of the UOC-KP.

“Even Filaret of the 90th anniversary misspoke and said, “Tomos gave us and no ptsu does not exist”,” reminded the analyst.

According to him, the challenge of law No. 4128 – a matter of time, because it discriminare all religious denominations of Ukraine.

“According to this law, you can come to the mosque and there to organize a Lutheran Church or a synagogue and Buddhist temple. Therefore, it was expert opinion that the law is discriminatory and violates the Constitution”, – said Molchanov.

That new law – the attempt of those in power to legalize raider seizure of Church property, and convinced a member of the Board of lawyers of Kyiv, lawyer Rostislav Kravets. He noticed that spelled out in the legislation the mechanisms for the registration of religious communities is very similar to the algorithm of the capture of the Kiev bar.

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