Expert: “Tomasoni” – a step on the way to the middle ages

The Agency’s Director of social communications political analyst Sergei Belasco.

His ecclesiastical policy, which is part of the plantings of Russophobia, the acting President of Ukraine launched the process of clericalism companies.

The Church policy of Petro Poroshenko can lead Ukraine is not in Europe but in the middle ages, said the Agency’s Director of social communications political analyst Sergei Belasco.

“Poroshenko sawing off the branch on which it sits, – the politician said in the air “Pershoho Kozickogo”. – Most supporters of Poroshenko is configured against Russia atheists, agnostics, or so-called formal believers who go to Church twice – at baptism and at the funeral. There are even memes like, “atheists of the Kyiv Patriarchate”. Being inherently anti-Catholic are configured, they believe that Poroshenko will eradicate the Church from society, and then Ukraine will become a secular like France where the Church has rather architectural monuments, and not the focus of the spiritual life.”

But now, according to political experts, the manipulation of the Church were frankly annoy and disappoint many of those who initially supported Poroshenko in his “Pro-European path.”

“They are faced with the fact that Poroshenko believed that he is equal to the apostles, said Belasco. – Kum (Yushchenko – ed.) was the Messiah, and he claims to be an Apostle.”

According to him, the President launched the process of clericalism of society, which creates conditions for planting propaganda in all spheres of life.

“Tomasone and religious flash mobs are no religious symbols, but with national and party flags. At the grassroots level we see in schools and gardens learning the Psalms and carols. The constant religious propaganda on TV, in schools, ongoing events on the Church theme. All these things atheists and agnostics annoying. Read liberal patriots. People who are smarter, understand that tomomasa – the first step towards a new middle ages.”

As reported by PWC, informed the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called the “enthronement” of the head of the DNC a big public issue.

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