Experts: adoptive families need a system of quality support


Experts of the Orthodox service “Mercy” has commented on the proposal of the Ministry of education to tighten the requirements for adoptive parents, according to Diakonia.

To avoid tragic cases in foster care, you need to create a system of quality professional support of the family after taking the child into care and to train experts – experts say the Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy”.

According to the head of the Center of the family unit in the Martha and Mary convent of mercy Anastasia Pelachyk, before legislation to establish new requirements for prospective adoptive parents, it is necessary to train professionals to support foster families.

“Requirements for future substitute parents described many of the professionals working in the field of placement of children in families, – said Anastasia Pelachyk. – In addition to the necessary uniform standard of professional competence for psychologists who conduct testing of candidates for adoptive parents, write about them, conclusion, and accompany the family together with the children.”

Also Anastasia Pelagic noted that refresher courses for psychologists conducting diagnostic candidates, to avoid the danger of inappropriate conclusions about the future parents.

In turn, Director of St. Dimitry children’s centre service “Mercy” Aleksandra Arakelova believes that the problems in foster care will be able to more effectively decide if each family will have quality professional support after the adoption of a child.

“Now be a support is not mandatory, and it is quite possible at the level of the schools of adoptive parents, – says Aleksandra Arakelova. – Psychologists and social workers who understand the extent to which their involvement is required in family life, will be able to maintain an informal relationship with the family, to provide the necessary assistance in crisis situations, to send an alarm if you spot a rat”.

Aleksandra Arakelova also adds that the effectiveness of the mandatory psychological examination while raises questions.

“On the basis of a survey can be unfair a lot of failures, but really inadequate people can not identify – said the Director of St. Dimitry’s center. – The school foster parents currently do not affect the statements of permission or denial of adoption or guardianship. But psychologists, who for two months of training, informal and deeply communicate with candidates, can provide important recommendations and evaluate the adequacy of parents and family resources – this can not do the employees care because they have no jurisdiction”.

Yesterday, August 16, media reported that the head of the Ministry of education Olga Vasilieva offered to tighten the requirements for adoptive parents. Among the proposals of the Minister: reducing the number of simultaneously adopted or transferred to custody of children, the tightening of criteria for the selection of parents and their psychological examination.

Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy” is among the ten largest charity organizations of Russia. Today, the “Charity” includes 26 social projects to help orphans, the elderly, critically ill children and adults, the homeless and people in need.

St. Dimitry children’s center is one of 26 social projects of the Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy”. The center supports crisis, large families, and families with children with special needs and accepts children, who for various reasons are unable to attend regular kindergarten. The main objective of the center is prevention of social orphanhood, socialization and rehabilitation of children from families in crisis, as well as unloading of the parents.

The center is a joint project of the Martha and Mary convent and of the service of assistance “Mercy” is called to help children left without parents find a family. If you need to help blood parents of the child to get out of the crisis, Center provides them with comprehensive assistance: social, psychological, spiritual. If you return to the biological family is not possible, the child can find foster parents. On the basis of the Center of the family unit, a School of adoptive parents. Social workers, psychologists, lawyers conduct the rehabilitation work with biological parents of children in orphanages service “Mercy”, as well as social and psycho-pedagogical support of foster families. Assistance, foster care, psychological support and advice on parenting – the third direction of the Center of the family unit.

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