Experts have developed the project of restoration of the unique wooden Church of Alexander Svirsky


North-Western Directorate of the Ministry of culture received the design documentation on preservation of objects of cultural heritage, “Church of Alexander Svirsky (wooden)”, 1769, located in Kosmozero village medvezhyegorsky district of the Republic of Karelia. Wooden tent-roofed Church with a height of 31 metres is a typical sample of cult architecture of Zaonezhie.

During the restoration carried out in 1978 – 1982, the Church was removed paneling and restored to its original appearance, however, due to the low quality of the work performed to date, the monument came in poor condition.

Research design documentation is developed on the basis of detailed multidisciplinary studies, using modern technologies. It is possible to obtain new information about the object, to detect earlier mistakes and the causes of the present critical strain.

“The priority is the maximum possible preservation of existing structures of the monument with the carrying out of works on their strengthening and preservation. Only those designs and parts of the monument, which are irreversibly damaged condition shall be replaced”, – underline designers.


The project includes the restoration of the monument by full bulkheads, traditional wooden structures that will restore structural strength of monument, preserving its authenticity.

The Church in the name of Alexander Svirsky in the village of Kosmozero was built by order and at the expense of the Petersburg merchant F. Popova. Church winter, along with summer of the assumption Church (1720.n.) and attached to it in the 30-ies of the XIX century. the bell tower was part of the traditional North Russia architectural ensemble of the triad. The temple complex Kosmetische graveyard was located on the ridge and was oriented perpendicular to the lake and the road, which provides optimal perception from a distance. Both churches were tented, common type of “octagon on square”. Church of the assumption was a little above the Church of Alexander Svirsky and connected with a bell tower galleries. The area of the churchyard was surrounded by a log fence. In 1875, both churches were sheathed and painted.

Assumption Church with a bell tower burned down in 1942

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