Experts of the project “Russia-My story” participated in the creation of the exposition dedicated to the Royal family


Today the Museum “Ganina Yama” monastery in honor of the Holy Royal martyrs, an exhibition dedicated to the Royal family, where in addition to personal items belonging to Romanov, will feature multimedia materials collected by the experts of the project “Russia-My story”.

Extensive work conducted by the project team covered several rooms, in which, using the most modern equipment materials presented archival photos and video footage, revealed important themes of the historic environment of the events of a century ago, and shows the lives of members of the Royal family with little known sides.

The wide range of topics will allow visitors multimedia rooms it is better to know the causes of the revolutions, to understand at what level of economic, industrial and demographic development of the country in the early 20th century the circumstances under which took place the Russian-Japanese war and how did the relations in the circle of the house of representatives of the dynasty. Stand “Achievements” based on materials of the exhibition “My story. The Romanovs” opened at the Manezh Central exhibition hall in 2013 joined 11 key topics, including “the Agrarian question”, “Welfare” and “Foreign capital”, “Foreign policy”, “Education”, “Industry”, “the worker question”, “Strategic development”, “Transport and communications”, “Finance and energy”.

Multimedia family tree, presented in the exhibition tells not only about the known members of the last ruling dynasty, but also about what morganatic marriages of the heirs, who and why was killed, who left the country and who belonged to the family, but not bore the surname Romanov.


Among the technologies involved in the design of the exhibition space is well-established in the historical parks “Russia-My story” tocsin panel, virtual books and a panoramic cinema, and a projection of an application built using the complex mapping.

“Documentary footage, the video Chronicles the life of the Royal family, the materials about the relationship between Nicky and Alix and cartoon movies that he watched Tsarevich Alexei will help to take another look at the history of the Romanovs, more vividly to represent their interests, aspirations, habits, to understand what they were in private, hidden from the eyes of the courtiers. This approach through the use of multimedia technologies makes the story truly alive. And this is, without doubt, important,” Esin, Ivan Vladimirovich, head of the project “Russia-My story”.

About the project “Russia-My story”

Historical parks “Russia – My story” – the largest exhibition complex in Russia. The geographical area of the grounds extends from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Saint Petersburg from Perm to Makhachkala and has more than 15 cities.

Flagship historical Park is located in Moscow, in pavilion No. 57 ENEA. In the area of 30 000 m2, there are exhibitions, the content of which covers the history of Russia from ancient times to the twenty-first century. Exposure give an objective picture of the history of our country, with all its achievements and problems.

In the historical Park are not traditional exhibits, visitors to the exhibitions fall into the multimedia space with touch screens, interactive quizzes, 3-D reconstructions of battles, a projection books. In the cosy halls of the exhibits, guests can watch fascinating films on historical themes. It will be interesting to both adults and children – history of the Fatherland is in the historical Park, bright and interesting.

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