Extended the ban to the service Archpriest Vladimir Golovin


Another 2 months, extended the prohibition in the service of the staff clergyman of the diocese of Chistopol from the city of Bolgar (Tatarstan) Archpriest Vladimir Golovin, reports Фома.Ru.

“Upon the expiration of the rebuke You have not observed saskanoti and compliance with the requirements of Order No. 120, dated 24 August 2018”, — stated in the decree of the Bishop of Chistopol and Nizhnekamsk permana published on the diocesan website.

The document notes that in connection with the impenitence of his father, Vladimir Golovin initiated by the diocesan ecclesiastical court proceedings its activities for the period from the receipt of the document.

“You are hereby extends the prohibition to the service without the right to carry out any religious rites, pripadne blessings, wearing of the cassock, the cassock and the pectoral cross for a period of 2 months from 7 December 2018”, — stated in the decree of the Lord of parmina.

Upon expiration of the rebuke the priest must be in the Diocesan office for a decision on his future Ministry. The document emphasizes that “in the case of persistent impenitence and further failure to comply with Order No. 120, dated 24 August 2018 or a breach of the prohibition will be the issue of deprivation of Holy orders…”.

The decree also reminds the 39th Rule of the Holy Apostles: “the Presbyters and deacons, without the consent of the Bishop, do not you do not commit. For he entrusted to the people of the Lord, and he will give an account for their souls.”

“In this regard, Your reference to the data before You blessings that supposedly gives You the right to execute orders of his ruling Bishop, a false and untenable,” — said in the decree of the Lord of parmina.

In the document drawn to the attention of the priest, that “during the period of the clergyman for the state or under interdict, for it is binding on all of the related orders and decrees of the ruling Bishop of the diocese, since he’s still under his canonical authority.”

Earlier Chistopol diocese expressed their “pastoral concern” in connection with the public activities of Archpriest Vladimir Golovin, in particular the widespread practice of so-called “Catholic prayers by agreement with Bulgaria,” which, according to the statement of Chistopol diocese is different “from traditional private pious practices.” In September 2018 Archpriest Vladimir Golovin was banned in the service for 3 months.

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