“Eyebrows, ears – all of his”: an adopted teenager found his sister due to “Pravmiru”

Due to the material “Pravmir” foster child found sister. Interview with Julia Konyshevoy who adopted a teenager, went on a “Premire” 8 Oct. The next day, the foster mother received a letter…

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“We are six months could not approach him from behind. If he had not heard us coming, and for him it was sharp, with fear, he could jump on the table and collapsed into the fetal position. And when we met him and asked about the future, he said, “I pass the test will receive an apartment, spend on drink and die in the garbage.”

Thus began the story on video foster mom Julia Konyshevoy the son Volodya, whom she took as a teenager from the orphanage. Another foster mom Larisa is very closely watched the screen with interest to hearing about the complicated history of man. On the screen there were pictures of a boy and Larissa shuddered. Her little adopted daughter was similar, like two drops of water.

When Larissa took her Olya from the orphanage, she found a profile of her older brother in the database and wanted to introduce children. But decided to wait because her daughter had to have surgery and quarantine. When Larissa returned to this question, the questionnaire disappeared and the connection was lost – Vova has adopted Julia.

“Julia, Hello. My name is Larisa. Read on “Pravmir” article about You and Volodya and was very happy. I’m a foster mom, his little sister Oli”. A letter to the social network received each of Vova’s mother and then reread it twice. And then another and another. Mother to her son claimed that she had only two children: Dylan and his older brother who is also adopted. Desire to communicate with the children she never had and about the daughter she never mentioned.

All the doubts she had disappeared, when Larissa sent me the photo. From the screen looked at her little Vova: “eyebrows, ears, figure was him.” Julia knew it was time to prepare their son for the stunning news. She began from afar. In the evening she started talking about relatives: sister has and her adopted son, Yarik and Dima’s adopted son. Julia asked carefully, who the wolf wanted another brother or sister? Vova said that senior brother he already has, so would be happy younger sister. It was the perfect moment. Julia showed correspondence with Larissa, but while Dylan has not seen the photo, couldn’t believe it. The guy was a real shock.

Two weeks later, Vova and Olga finally met. The boy is waiting for a meeting and is so excited that the day before she decided not to go. “It’s good that he changed his mind – says Julia. – The meeting was very exciting! It’s something indescribable! Olga walks like Vova, Vova is jumping as. Gestures, hair, facial features! A small clone of Vova! The first time Dylan was embarrassed, and at the end of the walk was pushing a stroller and the joke that comes with us, Olga”.

Of course, she will stay with Larissa, and Vova, Julia, but now children will be to communicate regularly. Both foster mothers believe that many relatives and friends do not happen. And I hope brother and sister will become each other’s support.

Julia Kanysheva very happy: “After meeting Dylan asked that I dropped him on the phone a photo of him with my sister for the son is the highest manifestation of the importance of man. Phone all of his meaningful photos of people. And we are with a beautiful mother Larisa plan our next meeting!”

By the way, shortly before the meeting with my sister Vova ceased to Wake up from the slightest noise and jump up on the table from fear: “I see him with the youngest daughter walks down the corridor: “Who is beauty, who’s really cute?” I see that in 10 years it will be a great father and a loving sensitive husband. He is good, always willing to help when not shy. At home we call him the grandfather Vova. He loves to walk and babble: bubububu. And then times like this and watching Fox. And further runs. I can not imagine how we lived without it”.

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