Facebook did not understand and blocked Christian music video “would look Like Heaven” – Your Bible

Policy changes Facebook felt Christian music group last week, when the popular social platform has removed the video, published by Zion’s Joy!

After clarifying the circumstances of the lock, the video was restored, reports the Christian megaportal invictory.com citing the Christian Post.

Zion’s Joy! last month, Facebook released a video for the song “What Would Heaven Look Like” (How it would look like Heaven). In the beginning of the clip shows documentary footage of several social riots that have recently happened in America, among the blocks, the protesters are crying, others waving the American flag, people carry on a stretcher and protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In the words of the song: “I know it feels like it will never end, but this world will soon disappear.”

The song is a call for unity, because it glorifies the Heavens. Later in the clip appear performers singing in the recording Studio and on the roof.

The popularity of the videos grew and the group Zion’s Joy! decided to invest in advertising to increase the coverage on Facebook. But the algorithm of the social network took this as an alarming sign and said the clip “What Would Heaven Look Like” as a “political content”. The video was blocked without any warning.

The New York Times reported that the reason to lock the clip in FB became the first frames. In a video addressed “issues of public importance,” as Facebook called it “political” and said it.

“The song ‘What Would Heaven Look Like’ was written to give hope and healing to the nation, where division, hatred and bigotry. We were shocked and saddened by the fact that Facebook decided to block the video to this song because of the political content. The unity through praise is the mission of Zion’s Joy!. In our group there are participants from different faiths and Nations. We try to implement the idea,” said the founder and Director of Zion’s Joy! Robert Stevenson The Christian Post.

In the statement a spokesman for Facebook said that the rules of political advertising “new, extensive and exist to prevent interference in elections, so we ask people to content that falls under these rules, just to get permission to show who paid for advertising to make it work”.

“We made a mistake by deleting the original post. Once we have identified what happened, we restored the publication, as it does not violate our community standards, and apologized to the group Zion’s Joy!”

According to Stevenson, Facebook did not provide details on why they took the clip to the category political.

“The Facebook user said that they made a mistake by locking the video but offered no explanation as to why he was tagged as political,” said Robert Stevenson.


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