Faith helps to be higher

Did you happen to think that your strength is running, you won’t be able to tolerate some person or circumstance? Which to be honest, we all think so, and quite often. Patience is not a characteristic feature of our century. When a person gets into a situation that tests him, he first tries to find a way out of it, but patience is not an option considered.

And, it seems, quite naturally, willing to release from the burden of testing. Much more reasonable seems to be to ask God to deliver us from problems, than worthy to bear. What do we say to the Lord in the first place, encountering difficulties? Of course, we ask you to resolve them quickly. But consider what God acceptable.

The Example Of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ was not only the perfect image of the invisible God, but perfect man. For us, the value represents not only the death of Jesus Christ for our sins, but His pure life, during which He tested everything, but in all tests remained obedient to God. Although His whole life was full of difficulties, there was no place for grumbling, discontent, or other sin. We note two cases in which He voluntarily endured temptation and suffering.


When Jesus Christ came out of the water after baptism, He nor someone else, namely Him, had this testimony from Heaven, from the Father: “Thou art My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Mark 1:11). Immediately after this spectacular event “was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil” (Matthew 4:1). Please note that God the Holy Spirit led Jesus Christ to where He is tempted by the devil. This means that the will of the Lord has been pleased to subject His Son to the test. The Providence of God permits it in our lives.

We can meet God allowed the test the same as they were met by Jesus Christ. When He was finished, the post was someone asked the question: “are you the Son of God?”. Twice on the offer to prove His divinity Jesus Christ was refused, thus showing a firm belief that He is the Son of God and not otherwise. Jesus Christ did not allow Himself to doubt the words of God, who had heard a month earlier. Forty days of fasting, a strong temptation – it could break the faith of Jesus Christ. But Jesus Christ did not base his relationship with God on pleasant emotions or experiences – Jesus Christ just believe, believe unwavering. He believed that God did not lie when he said: “You are My Son.” Jesus Christ did not allow the slightest doubt in God’s Word. His faith is not shaken. While all that surrounded him, could destroy us, bare desert, the fatigue, the hunger and the approaches of the adversary. But, it seemed, He pays no attention to these circumstances attention, all His mental gaze focused on the words of the Almighty: “You are My Son.”

Doubt is the beginning of the rupture of relationship with God. Prevention mental health – is prevention a doubt. We must do everything to avoid doubt God and His Word. We must be rooted in faith, we must know His Word and fully trust him. When circumstances hide from the eyes of the sky when the obvious becomes God’s love and care, then only faith will help to see a loving and caring God. Jesus it was by faith looked above and beyond circumstances, environment, health and temptation. And there aren’t a lot choices in life: either we are going to look at people, their weaknesses, the circumstances, reflecting on their severity and intolerance; or we can look at ourselves and fall into despair from their own mistakes and weaknesses; or we can imitate Jesus Christ in how He is during the test of the faith looked upon His God and overcame it.

The garden of Gethsemane

View also on an amazing example of overcoming Himself, which left us with our Lord. It happened during the most serious, almost unbearable trials which the Heavenly Father has again exposed His Son. In the garden of Gethsemane, on the eve of the martyrdom of Jesus Christ in this agony struggled with doubt.

Whether to take the blame for the sins of all mankind? Whether to give up His life for people who for many years had persecuted Him from city to city, humiliated and insulted. Eyes Jesus Christ was sent in an instant for Themselves, for the pain you have to endure, the separation from God that will bring Him death. In another moment He looked at the Sky. He said: “Father, I don’t want to do that for which You sent me in this sinful world.” But then added: “But let it happen, and what You want, not Me.”

Eventually His eyes settled on the Father’s will. He once again, not the first and not the last for Their lives mentally focused on the goal, on the task set before Him by God – on what people desperately need, that we need to sacrifice Himself and to liberate people from the guilt of sin. Jesus Christ believed God that it should be. And during the long hours of humiliation and abuse that He endured for us, it seemed that Jesus Christ had not noticed difficult circumstances. He looked at His Father, His faith Father helped to be above pain, above suffering. Behind their veil, He knew God’s hand. Their feature when It all goes to the end, Jesus knew God and His will.

Our eyes

If we fail to raise their sights as high as you raised Jesus Christ, that we fall not stand the test. We need the faith to rise above this reality. We might have the same strong faith, which was Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ had more reason than us, everything He believed is the Word of God. And we must believe the Word of God, not allowing the slightest doubt. Then we will be not less patient in trials than Jesus Christ. Then we will tell God no less touching and the right words, let’s tell them right now in prayer:

Our father, who art in heaven. Teach me to imitate Your great Son who trusted You unwavering. I wish also to believe as He is in times of temptation, during testing, during the mournful days. I wish, like him, be above any challenges, believing that everything is Your divine, just and good will. I want to repeat after Jesus Christ: let it be Your will, not mine. Give adequately and patiently, and with firm faith to take any Cup from Your hand. Amen.

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