Faith, Hope, Love, Sophia – the pilgrimage to Esho

September 30 – the day of memory of the Holy martyrs Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov and their mother Sophia.

  • Faith Hope Love and their mother Sofia – when the martyrs were children.
  • Faith. Hope. Love. Sofia. A pilgrimage to the Esho
  • Faith. Hope. Love.
  • Faith, Hope, Love, Sophia and Christ
  • Faith, Hope, Love – the temple with the height of children’s growth (PHOTOS)

“And now abide these three: faith, hope, love; but the love of them more,” wrote the Apostle Paul.

Fides, SPEs, Caritas – in the beginning of the second century of the Nativity Saint Sophia called his three daughters in honour of the Christian virtues. A widow, she raised a daughter alone. Material difficulties have not experienced, because he was of noble birth. Well brought up girls were beautiful, and clever – everything as it should be for such wonderful names. Little did nice and smart girls? Seen these – a little, because about Faith, Hope, and Love began to talk about everything from neighbor to neighbor surprise and admiration reached the Governor head of the region of Antioch.

He quickly realized that girls are not ordinary. Though beautiful and smart, but they are Christians. That is, preaching a forbidden religion.

That night, Sofia was with her daughters house and told them about life, about the world, about God. When there was a thud at the door, all thought of one and no one filed. To the king? All is clear. Sophia quietly asked for a few minutes. What to pray for? “Lord, protect”? Not me, but them? Or to run? And who would be condemned Sophia for this? But her prayer was different: “not afraid we are terrible his sufferings and not terrified of death, Lord.” Then she grabbed daughters ‘ hands and led them to the king. She knew it was the last journey that she took the daughters to die.

Relics of saints Faith, Hope and love fit in a small box.

A pilgrimage to the relics stored in Europe is a pilgrimage from martyrdom to martyrdom, from execution to blood, from glory to glory. The crown of thorns of Christ. The Head Of John The Baptist. The head of St. Helena. Faith, Hope, Love, Sophia.

Alsatian village Esho (“ash island”), the Catholic Church of St. trophime. Relics of saints Faith, Hope and love and Sophia was brought here from Rome in the year 777, and the Church was the center of the Abbey of Saint Sophia. During the French revolution the Abbey was destroyed, the buildings sold for 10 pounds, lost power.Was subsequently brought new relics of St. Sofia.

It is a large stone Catholic Church, warm beige brick on the inside. In the left aisle on the pedestal box. All stand in silence, it seems, don’t even listen to tour guide (as Timothy Kitisa it’s hard not to listen to the audience, even the doubters, he keeps skillfully) . All confused crease from foot to foot, not really knowing what to do. Although all have the pilgrims with the experience…

First, king Antiochus wanted to torment the girls. 12, 10 and 9 years old – what can they understand. Need to break the mother. What is easier? One person to break not so easy, but when you have children, then you’re vulnerable not triple, three thousand times…

She entered the Palace with the words: “Help us, o God of our salvation, for the glorification of Your Holy Name.” She tingled when he said, “Daughter, do not spare the young of your flesh; do not spare your beauty and youth. He will abide with you in all your suffering”.

– I call you my daughters, ‘ said Antiochus.

Such silence, our pilgrimage group had not heard yet. Guide Timothy speaks of martyrdom. Very easy for us to listen to – warm, hearty, the road was long and the bus we are always good, but for some reason all ashamed to look at each other. Only men frown.

Antiochus did not ask them to renounce Christ, to blaspheme his name, or to publicly admit his “wrong views”. Not before such a momentous choice was a mother and three girls. In front of them on a tray held a pinch of incense – very tiny. You just have to take a piece and put it on that pedestal. And go, and all you’re free. You can be a Christian, a good person, to help people. Just this little piece put on that pedestal. And again – your spring, this whole world, all the sun – all of you! You are the daughter of the Emperor, how many people you can help! And he’s not so bad – he has a job. This little piece, and your nightmare is over. And no one will blame you, you’ve got three kids.

Only one piece.

Antiochus quickly realized that in this battle he is weaker. That the strength of a 10-year-old girls. They look through and straight into his soul. So, I’ll show you the power of anyone.

Faith share. Beat. Cut off the Breasts. Put on the gridiron. Brought a sword. It was the first.

Hope stripped, beaten. Then threw it into the fire, then struck at the body with iron. And she was ashamed of Antioch for weakness. Enough to kill, to destroy – throbbing in the temples of Antioch. She was thrown into boiling pitch, resin cooled. Brought a sword.

– Love, just say that Artemis is great – and I’ll spare you clutching at the last straw Antiochus.

– Great God my Jesus Christ – said 9-year-old Love and she went into the oven. And again the same thing happened. And brought a sword.

But the real agony was waiting for Sophia.

Because it did nothing, did not touch her a finger.

Its just left in a huge room with bodies torn to pieces by three daughters.

From the hall came all.

She had to collect the heads and bodies of those who are still in the morning was the most affectionate, the best of daughters.

To order a coffin.


To bury.

She lived three days after the funeral.

Is there a more Russian saints with these clear, fully translated names? Is there a more joyful female Orthodox holidays, when churches perepolneny grateful birthday girl? Is there a more terrible story of the martyrdom?

Usually the shrines we sing the troparion, kontakion and magnification. Not saying a word, this time singing full akathist for half an hour. And as usual, when the – on deaf ears. Every word is like a sword crashed into consciousness.

Came French. We saw them when we first got off the bus. They looked at the crowd of pilgrims, women in headscarves, on our books with akathist. Approached the stand, read the life. Stood with us. Crossed.

Triumphant Church of the firstborn,

and Svetlitsa

taking mother on children merry,

the patron of wisdom,

equal gave rise to the three theological virtues.

You with the wise virgins were univesities Bridegroom-Word of God.

With it we are spiritually in memory of their veselimsya,


Dedicated to Trinity, Vero, Lubwe and Hope, in faith, love and hope, we affirm.

Relics of Faith, Hope and charity and their mother Sophia, we visited thanks to the help of the pilgrimage service of St. AP. Thomas

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