“Family is a team. You cover the weaknesses of each other” — the Nile and Dima Vnuchkova about marriage

“To do everything together, be open with each other and always maintain the” — Nile and Dima Vnuchkova told about how they built their family, and that helps them to keep the marriage whole. In the framework of current-shock “Oh, this marriage,” the guys shared their stories and gave advice to youth.

— How did your relationship begin?

Neil: I had a Covenant with God. After failed relationships, I decided that my husband must be from God and, accordingly, I was waiting for confirmation. When we met with Dima, I do think that he’s a little weird, but funny. He became a good friend to me with whom I could share some things. And I saw that he is very clever and deep.

Dima: And I think that there is no friendship between a guy and a girl. And in that moment, when she perceived me as “girlfriend”, I was already thinking about marrying her. True, I waited for her to leave show business. I tried to do her some favors, she did not notice. But then she came back after treatment and said that he had fallen in love. Then I do the stupor was. But she wanted the husband of the first steps was doing, so I thought that I was not the same. Then I wrote her a letter in which he confessed his feelings and that have been trying to care for her. Actually, it began our relationship.

Neil: of Course it was important for me a revelation. But also a financial issue. I once had problems in this area, and I saw Dima takes care of me. I see that Dima is such a strong self-control and calm and saw that that’s the real courage! “Owning a better conqueror of the city.” And since I’m emotional, its tranquility is ideal for me.

— How much do you need to meet before the wedding?

Dima: there is No perfect model for everyone. But my advice is to not meet for 10 years. 1-1,5 would be enough to more or less get to know the person. In fact it comes out fully only in marriage. Because first you try to show only the best, and then pop up all the flaws.

— That you can avoid before the wedding?

Dima: ideally nothing to prevent. Because the man twice as hard. Of course, I want a hug, to take the beloved hand.

Neil: Kiss – step into the abyss. Yes, many couples admit these things. But you need to quickly get married, it saves in this case. Therefore it is impossible to proceed with the relationship.

— How important is it to be open with each other before the wedding and tell?

Dima: We really helped that we talked a lot on different topics with the pastor. It was the kind of questions that each other we would hardly discussed. For example – sex and money. But we understand that it is better to discuss it than in a marriage to understand.

Neil: I have always been surprised that if passed by a beautiful girl, he never even looked at her. And always tried to avoid provocative situations. I loved it. When I had problems I ran to the pastor. And then Dima began to chase the enemy from our family. Family is a team. We can cover weaknesses of each other.

 — How about budget and earnings?

Dima: the Main income now is Youtube and Instagram. We have a total budget, we both work. We even decided that do everything together. It really helps in the family.

Neil: There are families where the husband works and the wife at home. I always knew that I never will. I feel comfortable that he is always near, that we do everything together. It is important to decide what you all look alike.

— How were the first “grinding” in marriage?

Neil: the First year was very difficult. My character flaws all come out. From Dima too. We worked very hard on myself. Cool that we are with God. Some of the things I talked to God, and He was very helpful in these things. God’s way is when we are open. Even when the wrong thought comes. You need to be open and honest.

Dima: Very helpful, our leaders, pastors. This is new territory for you. One hard to cope. When hard, think you have the worst partner. But when I consult, I see that others have passed the same as you.

— How to prepare yourself for the birth of a child?

Neil: Never gonna be ready for it. God helps a lot. Provides. There is never enough money. We have seen many miracles when our son was born. First and foremost, you depend on God. Remember that.

What attracted you to each other?

Neal: His calmness and patience. He guards my heart.

Dima: it is Important that you can trust each other. I wanted was transparency. I was attracted to her openness and straightforwardness. She married taught me to open, because I closed. Asked what I think, taught always to tell the truth, even if it was a bad thing.

Photo: Nila Mania

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