Family loss and spiritual achievements of the daughter of Billy Graham Anne Graham Lotz

In February of last year the world mourned the loss of the Reverend Billy Graham. Particularly she touched his children. Recently, Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, spoke about how the family copes with the loss and the relevance of the new book Ann — “the Key of Daniel”.

In a style that is clearly reminiscent of her famous father, Anne Graham Lotz is proclaiming the gospel in power for 30 years. In addition, Anne has three adult children and three granddaughters. In 2015, her beloved husband Danny died suddenly at the age of 50 years. These days Anne continues to encourage people throughout the earth to a deeper relationship with Christ. Her new book is called “the Key of Daniel”.

MHN: so, why Daniel?

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, author of “the Key of Daniel”:

Daniel was a great man. He was notable for his loyalty, fortitude and strength of faith. Around 15 years ago or so I noticed on the 9th Chapter, where he prayed for his people. This prayer works. This is a strong prayer.

MHN: You mention the fact that during the prayer Daniel entered into spiritual warfare. What is spiritual warfare?

If the enemy — the devil and his demons can’t keep us from prayer, he wants to distract us or to interfere with the answers. It’s a battle. But we have victory in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no spirit stronger than the power that gives us the name of Jesus.

MHN: do you Think that some problems of modern culture are the cause of spiritual war?

I don’t think our culture recognizes this. I believe the enemy is attacking God’s people, its leaders and children of God’s people. Of course, the question in choice. We, as people, made choices that led us away from God’s Word, truth and faith. And our Foundation of faith collapses.

MHN: Supreme court legalized gambling, although recently even playing cards could be stoned. And this is just one example. Have we compromised our value system?

I’m not sure if we have compromised it, or just discarded. But I’m concerned about is not so much the culture and the secular world as the Church. When the Church rejects the values, rejects God’s word, spending time in prayer replaces the prayer, obedience, religiosity, and the movement of the spirit of entertainment is a cause for alarm. After all, if the light goes out, if he is under the bed, if the salt loses its flavor, how can we influence the next generation?

MHN: People around the world are afraid of a new war. Jesus said it would. We see shootings in schools, eruption of volcanoes, the crash and everything else. Do you see little hope of the United States?

I believe that there is hope, if God will pour out his Spirit in the Church will start a revival. If God’s people will Wake up and begin to live for God, to love him and respect His values, to carry the gospel, the revival of the Church will dramatically affect our country.

MHN: What definition you give the awakening? This tent and the road? Languages and tambourines? You need to awaken?

The dead cannot be awakened. It’s not a revival. Revival comes to people who have accepted Christ by faith, but became apathetic, carefree, and passive. Our hearts suffer because of our sin. And when you apply the Blood, it becomes painful. But with it comes the cleansing, strength and freshness. And then we don’t care what other people think.
We are not trying to please others. We don’t want to be popular. We just want to live to please the Lord, who shed His blood to forgive our sins and give us new life. We come to life. If the awakening of the Church is not, then I hope only for the return of Jesus. I believe He will come soon. I talked about this at my father’s funeral. God long ago told me that my father’s death will be a signal to the world that the gospel will be preached to the whole world. So.

Jesus is coming. Jesus is coming.

MHN: a Few years ago, your husband went to Jesus just died your father. You despair when you see illness or death?

I found my husband in the pool. He was unconscious. Yes, I was a desperate prayer. God hold him for a few days, so we could say goodbye and close the door. Then the Lord took him to heaven.
My father was 99. We expected that sooner or later it will happen and he will go to heaven. We were surprised when it happened because he was fine. He was going to have Breakfast, took a few breaths and everything – he was in heaven. No problems, no signs. Again – and he’s already there. There was no despair.

MAN: the mantle of seniority in the family passed to you. What’s up with the Graham family after the recent death of your father?

I think we’re good. It was difficult. We all live in different places. Yesterday I talked with one of the sisters, and the day before — with Franklin. We keep in contact. But without a parent home it will be difficult. You are right. Only time will tell what will happen next. But I love my brothers and sisters. Thank God for the family in which we find ourselves.

MHN: What are you most lacking after the death of your father?

Not enough daddy. Most of all I miss everything. I can’t name just one thing. I know I can no longer go home to see him. Even in the last few years, when he was weak, I loved to sit and hold his hand or stroke his head. He loved when I kissed him. He took it with warmth and joy. But he also loved God’s Word. I miss his comments.
By the way, I wrote a new book about the Holy Spirit, which will be released next spring. I thought, “How I would like to talk about it with daddy. How I would like to discuss it with him.” Once I looked in your bookcase. He wrote a book about the Holy Spirit somewhere 40 years ago. I pulled it out and leafed through the precious book. When I read it, it’s like talking with daddy about what he wanted to discuss.

MHN: You’re not mad?


MHN: You don’t say, “God, You failed me. You didn’t answer my prayer”?

Never. It’s true. The real truth is. Because God is God. And who am I? I know that the Lord loves me. I know He wishes me the best. I know that His will for me is perfect. And when He’s not answering what I asked, then I take a step back and ask: “God, what do You see that I’m not seeing? What are You doing, what I don’t understand?” I’m trying to watch from the point of view of God. His ways are not our ways. But He is a good God, a good heavenly Father. And as the widow and the orphan, I can say that He is a good Father and husband, and I fully trust Him.

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