Family wanted to kill a Nigerian, who converted from Islam to Christianity

In the African country of Nigeria, moving from Islam to Christianity, you can lose everything. A young man named Ibrahim has lost the love of family and almost lost his life.

Now Ibrahim 20. He grew up in a large Muslim home in Northern Nigeria. He has seven brothers and sisters. He became interested in Christianity when I was a teenager. It happened through a friend who was a secret believer in Jesus.

“When I stayed with him or when he came to me, woke me up middle of the night, read the Bible and prayed. He did so every time, — says Ibrahim. He was impressed by the dedication of his friend’s faith. — I told a friend that also want to become a Christian, but he was afraid because he thought I was a spy. But I convinced him that I really want to become a Christian.” He took me to Church and the pastor led me to Christ.”

Shortly after Ibrahim came to Christ, the Church, which he visited publicly stated that he became a Christian. This news was heard by his father. He got angry at his son and said that he would kill him.
The pastor that led a guy to Christ, took him to a safe place. Learning that he hid it, brothers and father Ibrahim came to his house. They threatened to kill the pastor to burn his house down if he doesn’t take them to the boy.

“Pastor drove my two older brothers where I was. They took me home, tied up three days starved,” says Ibrahim about what happened next.

Ibrahim managed to escape again. But the joy did not last long. The brothers found him and this time, chained for three weeks.

“They took me to different places. They even took me to the Imam, who read a spell over me. They also brought me to a witch, but she said she can’t help,” he recalls.

This guy suffering has not ended. The next time the brothers and the father caught him, beat and broke the ribs.

“When they beat me, then one woman came up to help me and fell on me. And they stopped beating me. After that I was taken to the hospital,” says Ibrahim.

Relatives tried to marry Ibrahim, but every time the girl refused because he told them that Christian. When the father realized that can not change the beliefs of Ibrahim, he said that his son had disgraced him. The mother told the soldiers that they killed the guy if I see him. But Ibrahim could not leave the parents. He had to go with them to work in another part of the country. There he met the pastor from his tribe.

“I told him everything that happened to me. He wanted to help me and gave me the contact of another pastor who brought me here to teach,” continues guy.

Ibrahim came to a Christian school mentoring, in a safe place. What has he learned here?

“I’m learning how to be hospitable. I’m learning how to go out and preach the gospel to those who do not know Him. In addition, God is changing my character,” the guy answers.

Ibrahim suffered many hardships after she became a follower of Jesus – the beatings, the chains, and escape, but his faith became stronger, he became bolder. What happened? Why did this happen?

“I was brave, because one day my friend said I should fear not him who can kill my body, but him who can destroy body and soul. When I went through it all, his words sounded in my head. And I decided that I would be afraid of God who can save my soul in the end times,” he says.

Ibrahim goes to school mentoring, which is sponsoring “the voice of the martyrs. Canada” and wants to be an Evangelist to share the gospel with his people – Fulani. Most of the Fulani – Muslims. Over the past year and a half Fulani launched a terrible campaign against the Christians. This is a real massacre. The persecution has reached unbelievable proportions, and becomes only worse. There is no indication that relations between the Fulani and Christians will improve in the near future.

Ibrahim also runs professional training to support your Ministry.

“I want to become an Evangelist because my heart is committed to the parents. I pray that God give them long life. And when I finish my training, and filled with the Holy Ghost, I want to return to them, that they may know the light of the gospel,” he says.

In Nigeria there is an even more radical group “Boko Haram”. Its fighters has been the Bane of the Nigerian society continue to remain the scourge of most populous country of Africa.
We ask you to pray for the safety of the Christians who are persecuting for their faith. Pray that the Lord gave them a spiritual Foundation to continue to move forward despite the suffering…

Reporting Greg Musselman, “the voice of the martyrs. Canada”

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