Fanar is not interested in the election campaign of Poroshenko.

The Agency’s Director of social communications political analyst Sergei Belasco

The President of Ukraine reached an impasse because of the Patriarchate of Constantinople has its own plans for Ukraine, said the analyst.

The actions of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the address of the Church will not bring him the expected result, because Fanar intervened in the religious life of another state for their own purposes, reports to the Director of the Agency of social communication of political scientist Sergey Belasco “First Kozatskiy”.

The expert stressed that the Patriarch of Constantinople is not configured to show altruism.

“Istanbul is not ready to do charity work in favor of the election campaign of Petro Poroshenko”, – he said. And the task of the re-election of Clinton for a second term in Istanbul in General to anyone not worth it.”

According to Belasco, Patriarch Bartholomew wants to create in Ukraine, Exarchate of Constantinople, and not free from outside influences the Local Church.

New Exarchate will increase the weight of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Orthodox world, because at the moment it has only 3 million members, and it is much less than in other local Churches, said the expert. In the Coptic Church, 6 million, 3 million Fanara

The analyst added that Poroshenko can not with this “Doge or to screw in a favorable way” the question of autocephaly. The President put the religious issue in the public eye, so he will have to explain to the public the failure, commented, Belasco the current situation on Bankova street.

The expert is confident that the project of creating a “state or podgorodnichenko companies”, some politicians want to see the new Church in Ukraine has failed. The ideologists of one Local Church there is no plan “B”, said the Director of the Agency of social communication.

Honorary Professor of the faculty of theology of Thessaloniki University named after Aristotle’s father Theodore (Zisis) criticized the unilateral action of Constantinople in Ukraine, the result of which will be “causing a new and severe disfigurement of the Church.”

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