“Father, what should I bring for a memorial service?” which will replace any products

This memorial Saturday, also known as Demetrius, how would completing a series of Ecumenical service celebrated by the Church during the year. She’s special, because remember, completed his earthly journey, we also remember those who laid down their lives defending our country and freedom. The battle of Kulikovo field, ending the time of troubles and the liberation of Moscow, scary, ambitious and fierce defensive battles for the capital in 1941.

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The Priest Andrey Mizyuk. Photo:Ivan Privalov / eparhia-saratov

Saturday had now on the eve of celebration of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. Infrequently it happens, by the way. No, the fact that the nearest Saturday to the feast is always a memorial, it is clear, just between them often happens a few days, but then that’s very close. And somehow the heat of it.

In the morning we remember all departed, gone from this world, and in the evening offer prayers to The one to Whom the children of the earth not separated by a pale of life and death, for Which we all once lived here and now living, is the reason for the constant concern and special requests before the throne of the Heavenly Father.

The memory of the Church does not belong to a particular group of people

By the way, why is it the parent? In General, it, probably, not only on the parents, especially since they are not all gone. Here are some common point- the memory of our ancestors, grandfathers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, all those who were once with us, lived before us, whom we once short time knew, but probably didn’t know.

The memory of the Church does not belong to any particular group of people, it is comprehensive because it encompasses and those who may remember a nobody. And because this memory is universal, and therefore the very first commemoration of all the faithful departed from the century.

Turn out like that in their ancestry, well, who are you particularly remember? Well, if the photos were old, and the names and who who who had? But some hundred years. And then what?

The unknown? Sad and ashamed, of course, from such thoughts. And that’s why in this special memorial Saturday we lift up our petitions before ALL dead, because something in these words of prayer I seemed to be asking: Yes, my Lord, my short memory, as the vanity of life, sometimes yesterday-the details are lost, but You know and You accidentally held in these short periods is not, and therefore do not leave them, for in our memory for them is not found, but comfort and not deprive them of Its Light.

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Let there, where he lit a candle, lights, and heart, and this heartbeat is a small message somewhere where time’s over, as the news that we do not leave, do not forget that it has not retained memory of names and faces, but my heart left gratitude and hope, and through them we get to know each other not only in this life, but in spite of centuries which have already passed and left the chasm between us. And where the hand touched the long-time smoothed the hill, there is, of course, will respond to the Heavens and our memory will be the guiding thread for those whose roads in this time and place has long been ended.

Any products not replace your heart, participating in prayer

Often asked, though, in General, probably, you know the father, and what to bring to a memorial service? Well, panihida tables we have these days – it is famous… There, and know that all probably need something to put. And here begins that outshines the main. Bring to the temple itself. No grains, sugar, any products not replace your heart, participating in prayer, light a candle, but leave the light in your soul, don’t need to join the battle for the candlestick, there is a place under the sun, in the end, let it remain just in the hand or even on any empty candle holder.

In the Church living and departed are not separated form of the candlestick, though there is a special place for candles and panikhidy table.

But to think that prayer will be more effective from a properly set-candle, not seriously. The candle goes out, it burns itself out, but going out of the temple, we must take those words and thoughts that you dedicated to their departed loved ones. Come and celebrate that, well, defended the memorial service, was the parent, went to the cemetery and General duty fulfilled is not about love. About love – our living faith, that the end of no one and, as in the song Shevchuk, “even those who are not with us.”

The pain of separation, of separation from those whom we cannot see, to meet and to hug in this world, unfortunately, is irrevocable. She the scar will remain and will remind of itself, but let that wound be a sign that I’m still alive, and if alive, then, and love it. And do not cease to love. After all, as simple as it was, if death was a severe mental trauma. Because that’s the way people that some other severe shock which he suffered, sometimes simply deleted from memory. Person gets in an accident and now does not remember this most terrible time of the crash and pain. Cut memory. But death is not so. And it is much harder.

And yet all these terrible killing feelings in the days of farewell and unhealed pain is still something very important: love doesn’t stop loving, it hurts, but I don’t believe all these wreaths, the coffin of this terrible and terrifying loss. Don’t believe because I love you. And so, somewhere here will be the place where appears the most important message that this is not the end, that this is not a limit and does not deadlock. So, not all.

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Death is a terrible and stubborn teacher

And maybe, one day and opens to man that in the days of their suffering and worries about the care a loved regret-is it mostly yourself… Remember, as usual first in Russia lamented: who do you have left? That is, I’m not well, I was left, that I was wrong. And as one who nothing to tell us and to explain something can not?

I am very difficult to talk about it, but still, probably, death in a sense, a terrible and stubborn teacher. Yes, oddly enough, but she still teaches. In any case, becomes a kind of starting point. Where and in what direction from the point go, it depends on the person. It may be long, the years stretched stage experience of loss, and possibly a very different path. Way, when man acquires the ability to grow over it and over yourself, grow through it, become other and find hope. And here I am confident that these germs – they are in any man. We more or less still taught my heart.

We love it, it means that somewhere hope that every eternal separation would not be.

Because despite the official color of mourning is black, the Church remembers their departed Chad white and shining colors.

Night this life is always darkest before the dawn. So, we cannot cease to be. And therefore does not cease to be Love.

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