Festival of choirs

At the beginning of December in Lipetsk the Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists “Holy Trinity” has passed regional festival of choral music.

Church choirs from the Tambov, Lipetsk, Voronezh and Belgorod regions, speaking in the great hall of the house of worship, showed their achievements in the development of practices of music Ministry.

The direct organizers of the festival, senior pastor of the Lipetsk region Anatoly Sedogin, senior Regent Tambov Church “Truth” Vladimir Mukin, the Regents of Voronezh Nikolay Presnyakov and Nina Smotrova, have done the hard work that the festival has become one more step towards revival of the rich tradition of choral singing in Evangelical churches of Russia. It is no coincidence that the choir’s repertoire consisted mainly of works by Russian composers and poets.

Presenter of the festival, Anatoly Sedogin, urged all participants to exchange experience, to promote the song repertoire, accumulated in local churches.

Direct participation in the festival was attended by the founder of the Christian center Logos, the Institute of sacred music famous conductor and composer Eugene Goncharenko. In conversation with the Regents and choristers experienced the Maestro shared his observations and reflections on the state of the field of music in the churches at the present stage.

– The festival is a showcase of groups, showing the number and quality of performers, geographical coverage. This is a serious exam, – said Goncharenko. – Learn to conduct, play music, learn the techniques, exclude the soundtrack. Soundtrack harms the performers, preventing the personal creative process. Music Ministers should constantly ask ourselves – who are we? How to maintain and develop our special musical culture? How to learn to understand its value? Our denomination has created a unique musical language, the beginnings of which in the Russian-Ukrainian folk song.

From the hands Goncharenko the Regents received a gift recently published in the Institute of sacred music professional tutorial horovoding the oldest musical pedagogue Stanislav Sigora.

The last festival is the fourth in a row. And the largest number of participants. Enthusiasts of the choral movement has hopes and concrete plans for the festival in the all-Russian scale.

Quiz: Vladimir Popov

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