Filaret complained that the DNC is the wrong name and it should be corrected

“Honored Patriarch” Filaret ptsu

“Honored Patriarch” Filaret expressed a desire to assign a newly created structure of the canonical name of the UOC.

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine – the wrong name to be created on the “Unification Council” structure. On the 21st of January said “honorary spiritual Advisor ptsu” Filaret in an interview with TSN.

“Now spread the misnomer of “PCU” – the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, – said Filaret. – That’s right – the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. We do not say “Russian Orthodox Church” or “Orthodox Church of Bulgaria”. This must be corrected.”

On the comment of the journalist that is the name of the official, the head of “samoraspustitsya” Kiev Patriarchate said that it is a wrong translation and “it is necessary to speak correctly – the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.”

Which translated meant, Filaret did not specify, but we know that in the official text of the Tomos, published by the Constantinople Patriarchate, the autocephaly of the new call to remember how “the Holy Church of Ukraine.” In the Tomos expressly States that the provisions of the Charter of the new Church organizations “have everything necessary to comply with the provisions of this Patriarchal and Synodal Tomos of”.

Earlier, the Exarch Archbishop Daniel Pamphylian stated that any changes to the Charter, even small, PCU needs to bring to the attention of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, since the Charter was developed by Fanara.

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