Filaret: God will create the conditions so the laurels belonged to ptsu

“Honored Patriarch” Filaret ptsu

“Honored Patriarch” Filaret told in what way should take away the laurels of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Ukrainian laurels should belong to the new “Ukrainian” Church. To transfer Holy sites in the ptsu will allow the mechanism adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. This was reported by “the honorable Patriarch” Filaret in an interview with TSN.

Filaret recalled that the Parliament adopted the bill on how the community can go to ptsu.

“They should be, using this law to collect the brethren… Circumstances will make. If they (the brethren Lavr – note. SPM) will have to be reregistered in the Russian Orthodox Church, and they do not want, then they will not have the rights of a legal entity. And will not have the rights of a legal entity – will lose a lot of things,” – said Filaret.

He stressed that the brethren, in particular, may be deprived of the laurels and.

“God will create the conditions, and they have. And I believe it and am convinced it will be. Because it is Holy Ukrainian should belong to the Ukrainian Church, not a Russian,” – said the “honorary coach” of the DNC.

Moreover, Filaret complained that the Orthodox Church of Ukraine – the wrong name to be created on the “Unification Council” structure.

As reported by the SPM, 17 January 2019, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft law No. 4128 on changing religious communities subordination. According to experts, hasty adoption of the bill as soon as of law, without second reading and in spite of numerous observations of experts, has put religious freedom in Ukraine under threat.

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