Filaret: Putin regrets that the Patriarch chose not me

“Honored Patriarch” Filaret could lead the ROC in 1990, but “the Lord had prepared him for Ukraine.”

“Honorable Patriarch” there is information that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin regretted the outcome of the election of Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia in 1990

The former head of the UOC-KP, and now “honorary Patriarch” ptsu Filaret said in an interview to “Direct” that the President of the Russian Federation recognized the election of Alexy II to the post of Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church by mistake.

“I don’t know whether it’s true or not, – said Filaret Denisenko. – Putin has told his entourage: “We (i.e. the KGB) made the mistake of not electing the Patriarch of Moscow Filaret. Because if we elected him, Ukraine would be ours.” And chose Alexis”.

According to Filaret, he would become Patriarch, but “prayed that was the will of God.”

“When I wasn’t chosen, everyone was surprised that I showed no interest. So there was a reason I was not elected. The Lord was preparing me for Ukraine”, – he added.

Earlier, on awarding the order “For intellectual courage” by the magazine “,”, Lviv, Filaret stated that Tomos is comparable to the victory at Stalingrad, but Berlin is still far.

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