Filmed story of a fireman who received a prophecy about trump

It was a popular book, and now it’s filmed. “The prophecy of the trump” is the story of a firefighter who claims that God told him that Donald trump will become President. And all this happened even before the trump has said about his intentions. Now it’s a movie. But there are controversies.

The movie “the prophecy of the trump” is a story about a former fire mark Taylor, who claims that in 2011 received a special message from God. Its essence: Donald trump, who was then a businessman, will become the head of the White house.

“I knew it would be controversial. I knew it would be a difficult film. But I also knew that our country needs to hear the message of God’s intervention in the Affairs of men,” says producer Rick Eldridge. He claims that he was not sure that he wants to make this movie.

The film tells about the night when mark Taylor got what he calls “the prophecy of the commander-in-chief”.

“I knew little about Donald trump. I just knew that he was an outstanding businessman who has created his own Empire. I watched his interview, when suddenly I heard the Lord said, “You’re listening to the voice of the President,” says Taylor.

Mark went to his office, took a pen and began to jot down what he claims the Holy Spirit told him.

“He said America will prosper as never before; that the relationship between Israel and America is as strong as ever; that the dollar will become so strong, ever. I saw lots of detail,” continues Taylor.

Chris Nelson, actor and Professor of cinema to liberty University, played the role of Mark Taylor.

“People hear the name and think that this is a film about trump. But really, it is about an ordinary man who heard the voice of God and received wisdom and advice from other believers, to pray about it,” says the actor.

One of these believers was Mary Colbert, the wife of Dr. don Colbert who treated Mark. Hearing the prophecy Mark, she started a movement in support of the presidential elections. This movement has become a key part of the film.

“We believers must pray for those who stand above us. This is the profound message that we emphasize in the film,” says Rick Eldridge.

This film was made with the help of student filmmakers liberty University, despite the fact that thousands of students signed a petition that don’t want to make this film. Facebook was also against and temporarily blocked promotional materials, claiming that the film is too politicized. But Nelson argues that most people were just reacting to the name trump in the title.

“People feel uncomfortable when they hear the words “trump” and “God” together, because somehow we’re degrading God, remembering His name on a par with trump. As well, we do not think the same about themselves,” continues Nelson.

Despite the controversies, Eldridge believes that this film cost to shoot.

“Our country is divided. I hope that this film will become a point on the road to recovery,” believes the producer of the film.

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