First Church of Kazakhstan will jointly hold a Conference of faith

From 18 to 20 January in Almaty will host the first joint conference of churches “Word of life” and “Agape” — Conference of the faith.

Specially for participation in the event will arrive Ministers of Russia: a mutts-Ola Ishoel, Bishop, senior pastor of Church “Word of life” (Moscow), Sergey Martyunichev, assisting the pastor of Church “Word of life” (Moscow).

“Very soon we will have a special event for the first time in our city there will be a Conference of the faith. Come wonderful pastors who will serve us the word,” — said Yuri Shumaev, Bishop of the Church “Agape”.

The event will be held at the Evangelical centre “Agape”.

Thanks to the live on the channel БОГ.TV the event will be able to join everyone.


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