Flagship historical Park “Russia-My story” at ENEA expects a large-scale reconstruction


From 1 October 2018 the Moscow historical Park (57 pavilion of VDNKH) is closed for reconstruction. The planned changes will affect all areas of the Park: equipment, content, amount and composition of expositions, architectural and planning solutions. The Park will have new play facilities for children and adults, exciting historical quests, multimedia innovations and new design of public areas.

Moscow Park “Russia-My story” was opened by the decision of S. S. Sobyanin and Moscow city Government in December 2015 and was the first multimedia Park about the history of the Fatherland in the country. A few years of successful work it was a reference to 16 branches of the project in Russia, the total number of visitors which is approaching 7 million people, primarily students.

For 3 years via the website myhistorypark.ru there were collected a large number of requests, wishes, suggestions from visitors to the Park, through which developed new concepts, formats and ideas for further development that require re-engineering, redesigning of spatial resolution, introduction of new artistic and creative ideas.

So, the first important changes will affect the quantity and composition of existing exposures. To have open exhibition “Rurik”, “the Romanovs”, “the twentieth century. 1914-1945, From the great upheaval to a great Victory” will be added new rooms, and the fourth will be built entirely multimedia exhibition “Russia-My story. 1945-2016”. Among the new interactive zones in the composition of the exhibitions will be included a quest room, developed in conjunction with leading representatives from industry (co-author volunteered to be the oldest and best company-the organizer of the quests in Russia). Open each of the interactive exhibits halls will allow visitors to the Park personally “live” for a certain historical period, and to feel its spirit and atmosphere, to become participants in the Central events of Russian history in the form of a casual game.

Changes in the internal spaces of the Park are affected by the layout of the exhibitions, public spaces, additional exhibition space. New rooms will be more spacious and comfortable. This will allow a greater number of visitors at a time to view the exhibition with maximum comfort.

Throughout the year at weekends in the atrium of the historic Park are free workshops and art programs for everyone within, for example, the program “Educational Workshop.” As a result of reconstruction at the historical Park will be a multifunctional space where visitors will be able to realize their creative potential and to participate in creative programs and special projects, prepared event-laboratory “Russia-My story”.

The renovated Park will open its doors to visitors in mid-December, and the first 50 tickets will be drawn from subscribers to my instagram @myhistory_project. The contest results will be announced on December 15.

“The new Park we are waiting for all lovers of quests to learn the secrets of the Moscow Kremlin, and for those who like interactivity and multimedia offer a vivid adventure in a real boat where the water spray and wind resistance will be more than real. And if earlier historical Park has offered to get acquainted with history in 3D, but now it will be 4 and even 5D,” – said the head of the project “Russia-My story” Esin, Ivan Vladimirovich.

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