Flood victims in India show each other Christian charity

The strongest in a century flood in India led to the deaths of hundreds of people and displacement of nearly a million people. In some villages the water level in the houses was about three meters. Officials say that thousands of rescuers are still trying to contact people and deliver emergency relief supplies to isolated areas using hundreds of boats and two dozen helicopters.

Daniel Johnson of the organization “gospel for Asia” is also faced with this flood. He is trying to help those who find themselves in such a dangerous position.

Daniel Johnson, “gospel for Asia”:

I remember how it was. As a result of flooding the first floors of houses were completely flooded. I was in one of these houses and tried to save some people in a boat. Now imagine that highway. This is the highway where four-lane traffic, but the only form of transport on which it was possible to pass the large truck. And then, when the truck could no longer drive, had to use a boat, a fishing vessel! That’s how there was a lot of water! But then we’ve run aground, got off the boat and we had to swim. We had to swim to get to the houses. People swim traveled to the us to get water and bread or something.
However, the good news is that this week the rain stopped, by the grace of God. Over the past two days we have not had heavy rain, so the water fell. If you now go to the same place, you can wonder, “Is there was so much water?” The only reminder of the flood are the markings on the walls where there was water. They are very visible. So now the water is gone and things are much better, but this was just awful.

MAN: these are your homes, Dr. Daniel, and you know people well. How are they holding up?

I would say that at this time I felt two strong feelings. The first is the joy at the fact that I was there with my compatriots and the place where we were quite safe. It was like a hill in some American city. We were safe there. But right around us people struggled and suffered for two to three days. But there were good side: I saw everywhere people gathered together to help each other. Young people in social networks have opened the group, which reported: there is man, there is a man here. Thus, on the one hand, you saw the complete devastation and hopelessness, but on the other hand, noticed how it affected help arrives from all sides. And I would say that our people have shown great strength. I was very surprised when we went to some of these flooded houses whose residents were forced to sit on the roof. After receiving help from us, they told us: “You helped us, now go on. There are also people. We know that they are there. Please, find them. Provide them the same assistance that you have rendered us.” Therefore, all thought of others, helped them, and as a result have United the entire state. It was so amazing in this terrible time of disaster and tragedy.

Full interview with Dr. Daniel Johnson you can watch on the website cbnnews.com

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