This month, severe flooding in China has deprived people of shelter and livelihoods. The Department of the CBN on the elimination of consequences of natural disasters immediately began to act to help them to start life anew.

Torrential rains caused a catastrophic flood is only two hours drive from the capital of China. Twelve villages in one district had been destroyed. Local farmers are in despair.

“We just built a new house right before the flood. I can’t believe he’s gone. Now we have to sleep in different places. All my crops are flooded,” — says one of the victims.

Schools shut off water and electricity. Children are forced to learn outside their classrooms. Parents desperately need help and comfort. In the midst of these troubles, “CBN China” in partnership with the Church “Xingtai” brought the city of hope and love. Eleven people visited the four villages, bringing food and tools to the more than eight hundred of the affected families. The family expressed joy and relief, standing in line to get food and the tools they will rebuild their homes.

“It’s incredible that we brought from CBN! I was very surprised to see so many trucks with food and stuff, and it’s all us! Thank you!” — thanks one of the victims.

In addition, the “CBN China” in partnership with local churches and develop a long-term plan. They introduce the flood victims in China with Jesus Christ and help them to begin life anew.

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