For believers, the mother Church for which it is impossible not to stand up, journalist

Essayist, journalist Ian Taxor

Ian Taxor urged believers to Express their disagreement with the intervention of the Ukrainian state in the Affairs of the Church.

Writer and journalist Ian Taxor made in support of the initiative to gather signatures on a “Declaration of resistance to oppression”. About this journalist said in the video for “Person the Bread”.

“As a citizen of Ukraine, and as a believer of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church I support this petition and going to sign it, said the journalist. For me, as a Christian, the Church is the mother, but any one of us if his mother is in difficult circumstances, if it hurt, can not remain indifferent. Can not intervene”.

According to Takura, state intervention, state authorities in Church Affairs is unacceptable.

“I appeal to those who influence cessation interventions. I guess if our government considers the state of Ukraine as a democratic state, that, having reviewed the thousands and tens of thousands of signatures, the state must, if it is democratic to respond immediately. Should be considered the circumstances in which intervention was done, and the guilty must be punished,” said Taxor.

As reported by the SPM, the Network appeared the document “Declaration against the oppression”, who can sign every Ukrainian and thus Express their disagreement with the interference of politicians in religious life of the people. The head of the legal Department of the UOC Archpriest Oleksandr bakhov, commenting on the document, said that “Declaration against oppression” is a response to government pressure.


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