Pope Francis said that government officials have the right to refuse to register same-sex marriages if it is against their conscience. About this he remarked, returning to the Vatican after his visit to the United States. During his visit in the Vatican Embassy in Washington, he met with the district clerk of the Kentucky Kim Devise her husband. As reported by Davis, the Pope addressed her in English: “Thank you for your courage. Be brave”. Recently, Davis was held in prison for five days for refusing to obey a court order to register the marriages of same-sex couples. The case of Kim Davis is not unique — because of their faith grounded and the florist from Washington state.

In the struggle for religious liberty two Christians drew attention to themselves by their heroic actions: Kim Davis, the official from Kentucky, refused to register the marriages of same-sex couples, and Barronal Stutzman, a flower shop owner in Washington state, which would not sell flowers for a gay wedding. Both paid the price for their beliefs. Davis went to prison. Stutzman sued for which it could lose business and all property.

Evangelical Christians see them as fighters for a just cause. And who see themselves as women?

“A sinner saved by grace, responds to this question of Barronal Stutzman, the florist from Washington state. — I’m not a hero, not a Martyr. I’m just trying to be obedient,” she says.

Feeling the support of Christians across the country and met with Pope Francis, Davis shares that are ready to go back to prison, if necessary: “People say they were encouraged by my example, they, too, wanted to act according to faith. So I think, “Lord, if this is the result, then it was worth it. It was necessary to cheer up Your Church, to revive the Body of Christ, to take up again”. And when I say “stood”, I mean “stand” in the literal sense of the word. I’m talking about what you need to kneel in prayer, because we are in a fight,” says Kim Davis, chief clerk Rowan County, Kentucky.

Critics say Davis is far from ideal fighter for traditional marriage. She’s been divorced three times, but only recently gave his life to Jesus Christ. She wonders how God decided to use it.
But God works with people in unexpected ways. There are many examples in the Bible.

“I don’t understand why God of all people chose me to my past, to defend what I so horribly wrong in the world. But then I remembered that I became a new man when he gave his life to Christ. His blood cleansed and washed me, the old has gone, and now you face a new person. Yes, it was hard to believe that such a man as I, will defend the Word of God,” says Kim Davis.

Barronal Stutzman warns that Christians will be a long struggle, since the Supreme court decision on same-sex marriage is only the beginning of the attack on freedom of religion: “I Think it will be even worse. Comes to the fact that lawyers will say: “Yes, I can still practice law, but if you decide to crimes of hate, then we will deprive you of a license.” Reporters on television, like you, they will say: “I Can interview anyone, to discuss anything, but this topic is banned”. So this will affect not only the florist or the Baker, and all citizens. The issue of freedom each. We are fighting not only for freedom but also for yours,” says Stutzman.

And soon this fight could go to the town square, facility, or courtroom near you.

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