Foreseeing modern science

Although some people clearly believe modern science the enemy of faith, but in reality, the science is eloquent evidence of the divine origin of the Bible. Despite the fact that different parts of the Bible were written many centuries ago, in it we are confronted with the amazing scientific interpretation of events and phenomena, which is much higher scientific knowledge and discoveries of that time period when the book was created. In addition, the Bible for hundreds of years anticipates many scientific discoveries.

The Bible, however, is remarkable because it tells us about the world and life within it. For example, the ancient Egyptians believed that our planet stands on five great pillars. Although Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s Palace and “was trained in all the wisdom of the Egyptians” (Acts 7:22), you will seek in vain any mention of these beliefs in his writing. The concept of a flat earth, spontaneous origin of life, astronomy of Ptolemy and all the countless common but scientifically unfounded errors of ancient times were noticeably absent in the Scriptures.

The famous “Papyrus Ebers,” a medical book written in Egypt around the time of Moses, contains recipes such as the following: “From gray hair: lubricate the hair blood of a black calf boiled in oil or fat of a rattlesnake”. Victims of poisonous snake bites were treated with “magic water” that becomes such after the watering of her idols. Deep pain healed blood worms and donkey manure – that was a surefire way to die of tetanus, because the feces of animals contain sporangia of the disease.

On the contrary, amazing guidance in certain parts of the old Testament with regard to hygiene, sanitation and quarantine infectious diseases is unique in all the literature of antiquity and anticipates many modern discoveries, for example, a claim to ancient Israel, according to which human waste was buried outside the camp the camp (see Deuteronomy 23:12-13) no doubt was on health benefits. In the Third Book of Moses, called Leviticus (Chapter 13), there are amazing passages with the diagnosis and prevention of leprosy. One scholar observes: “This text is especially important, because a technical description of the disease evidence of the antiquity of the text, and also because it contains the first formulation of the principles of quarantine and the safety of the medicine in the case of leprosy.”

There is no doubt that the medical practice of the Jews of Moses ‘ time was much more developed than in neighbouring countries. Although we must remember that these rules and guidelines were given to the Jews in a religious context, as verification of the truth of their faith, the fact remains that they reflect evidence-based principles and procedures.

The Bible is not “a child of his time,” as some sharp-tongued critics. It is not clogged immature and primitive ideas of scientists of antiquity. And this can be explained only by the fact that the content of her God-given, not man-made.

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