This man once called himself a Muslim, but sought a deeper understanding of God. Unfortunately, the search led him to very dark places, and to a very creepy experience. But when he discovered Jesus, freed from the forces of darkness.

According to the latest census, the number of Muslims in Australia increased to more than 600 thousand people, which made Islam the most popular and fastest growing non-Christian religion in the country. But while the extreme Islamization is a threat to Australian society, there are Muslims who dare to leave their religion and accept Christianity.
We hear many stories from all over the world about Muslims who convert to Christianity through dreams and visions. Here in Australia, we met one Muslim, whose family was tormented by a devil, while the man experienced a supernatural encounter with Jesus.

Ismail is a Turkish Muslim. He moved to Australia when he was 19 years old. Though he professed Islam, but he considered himself a moderate Muslim, because he always had questions about God and religion.

“I wanted to know the unknown about God, about the spiritual world. I thought: witchcraft — is it from God or from the devil?” he says.

In search of answers Ismail became fascinated with the occult, not knowing that thereby opened the demonic spirits. He met a Turkish Muslim who conjured spirits with a Ouija Board and read coffee grounds.

Ismail continued his experiments in the spiritual world, despite the fact that the manifestations of the devil became more and more terrible.

“For example, we brew coffee, says Ismail. I was making some coffee myself, and it brews coffee itself. Then I stirred the coffee, looking at coffee, a booth and see it as a creature. I can see how this coffee grounds literally comes to life. It is already looking at me, hanging behind me on the curtain. These creatures somewhat resembled people, but in General there was something like demonic bats. They had these long claws. And every time they flapped out of them smoke. On the last day when I left from a friend, he said, “Look, two of them coming after you.”

For four years two sons Ismail was tortured by the devil.

“My kids drew a really horrifying face with red eyes. They always said that these creatures are suited to their beds and begin to shake. Once my son was lying in bed and suddenly started swinging his fists as if to fight. He sat in bed and cried 10, 15, 20 minutes — don’t remember. We couldn’t Wake him up. Could not Wake him up. And then I put it on the floor and said, “what’s the matter? What’s going on?” And he’s still not awake. I was very scared,” recalls Ismail.

Absolutely frustrated, Ismail appealed for help to his friend, an Iranian Christian who encouraged him to study the Bible. So Ismail gave his life to Jesus.

“And then I saw some kind of figure. He raised His arms so towards me, and I felt that He was smiling. I may not have seen It. I could only see the light that flooded everything around. It was just amazing, and I literally fell in love with Jesus. So I turned to faith,” he says.

The pastor told Ismail to pray for two weeks, banishing demons from his house.

“Every night I prayed and said: “In the name of Jesus Christ, you have no power here, demons! Go! In the name of Jesus,” says Ismail.

His children no longer see nightmares. Since Ismail was thirsty of the word of God and read the Bible. He compared what is said in the Bible, with the teachings of the Koran.

“In this book you will not find Allah somewhere someone said: “If you do this, you will get to heaven.” There’s only one way, and it is to die a Martyr’s death on the path of Jihad. Now I know the truth: Jesus is as real as you and me. He created us, and only through His blood we can come to God the Father. He is an amazing, compassionate, merciful and forgiving God,” says Ismail.

As it is written in Isaiah 9:2 “the People that walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned”. It is the light of Jesus Christ.

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