Former street kid became a father for the orphans of Ethiopia

He was an orphan from the street, but God had bigger plans for him. Now the Gadis Birhanu started a Ministry to help street children of Ethiopia.

This feeding center “Testimony” — a home for orphans in Ethiopia. The founder of the Gadis Birhanu is aware of the problem from the inside.

“I was very sad. I tried many times to commit suicide,” he says about his childhood.

Hadise Birhanu didn’t have a father. And in 4 years he lost his mother.


“She was electrocuted right in front of me. The only thing I remember about my mother,” shares Birhanu.

The gadis grew up on the streets, but in adulthood, God called him to Ministry.

“I said, “Okay, God. If You have a plan, a vision and future for me, I want to know them and to follow You,” he says.

Then he founded the center feeding “Testimony.” It is right near the capital. It is a place where orphans can get free food, clothing, education and medical care. Its main mandate are the words of Matthew 25:40 (“And the King will answer them, verily I say unto you, inasmuch as you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me”). It is an innovative service which has attracted the attention of the authorities.

“Gadis unique. He is an orphan. He started from scratch and now helps orphans. He’s a good example for many,” — said the President of the Girma Wold-Giorgis, the former President of Ethiopia.

Not having a father, and the children’s centre “Testimony” is used a surname of Gadis in school.

“When we came in “Evidence” that we were made with love. We are well fed. I’m happy,” says 10-year-old graduate of Kibret.

“I did not come to God, and He with me. He found me and gave me life. He was there when I was hungry. He was there when I wanted to drink. He was there when I wasn’t home,” shares of the Gadis Birhanu.

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