Former Vatican Ambassador to the U.S. called on Pope Francis to resign

Pope Francis

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano accused the Pope of harboring cardinal involved in sexual offences.

The former papal Nuncio to the U.S. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano appealed to the Pope of Rome to resign, according to Reuters.

Wigan published a 11-page report, which claimed that the Vatican was aware of the allegations of pedophilia made against Archbishop Theodore from United States of Maccarrick. According to the report, Pope Francis was informed about these crimes in 2013, but he did not take any measures. Only in July this year, the head of the Roman Catholic Church accepted the resignation of Archbishop.

“Pope Francis has repeatedly asked about the overall transparency in the Church – posted Wigan. – It needs to be honest, when I first learned about the crimes committed by Mccarrison who abused their power over seminarians and priests. In any case, the dad found out about this from me June 23, 2013 and continued it to cover.”

The former Vatican diplomat concluded his report calling for the Pope to resign together with all the bishops who “covered” Maccarrick.

At the same time in the Catholic press reported that the statements of Wigan, which occupies the anti-papal position, should be treated with caution. In turn, Pope Francis refused to comment on the report of former diplomat, noting that he believes “in a journalistic ability to make conclusions.”

Earlier, Pope Francis acknowledged a failure of the action of the Roman Catholic Church in the fight against manifestations of pedophilia among priests.

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