Franklin Graham believes in religious freedom in North Korea

Evangelist Franklin Graham is no stranger to North Korea. In the 30 years of his mother Ruth went to boarding school in Pyongyang. In 1992, his father Billy met with the grandfather of Kim Jong-UN. Sam Franklin four times brought humanitarian aid to the country. He spoke about North Korea and about why he has hope.

Franklin Graham, Evangelist:

President trump became the first President who tried to solve this problem. I am grateful to him and to God for what he focused on this issue.

MHN: Many had pinned hopes on this meeting. Trump said he made the document about the complete nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula. How optimistic do you feel about this?

Very optimistic. I believe that North Korea wanted to talk with America. This is the first administration that has managed to achieve a direct meeting. North Korea wants to be respected, as other administrations have discarded her like dirt. This proud people. In the 50s and 60s they had a strong economy. They built the beautiful city Pyongyang, with many monuments. There is something to see. But, in the 70s and 80s they had a famine, and because of this economic recession. Do not forget about the sanctions. They need help. If America and North Korea will deal with the problems and conclude a peace Treaty, I believe it will be a great achievement for all. We will save billions of dollars if we don’t have to send weapons and soldiers to this part of the world.

MAN: the President also said he raised the issue of Christians in North Korea, quote, “very seriously.” Your opinion?

In this country there are Christians. I think that the Ministry “Samaritan’s purse” and the Evangelical Association of Billy Graham help Christians, not giving so to speak, “close the door”. I want the Communist government realized that Christians are not the enemy. They can be better citizens of the country because God commands us all to pray for those in authority. And as we pray for their President, and North Korean Christians pray for their leaders. I believe that Christians play an important role in society. I want the government of the DPRK realized that we are not enemies, but friends.

MHN: do you Think that the summit may weaken the persecution of believers in North Korea?

Without a doubt. I think meeting Kim Jong-UN and President of the trump – a historic event that will benefit Christians of North Korea.

Service Graham’s “Samaritan’s purse” sent millions of tons of food and aid to North Korea. You can read more about it on the website “CBN News”.

As previously described “Global Christian news”, Franklin Graham is the organizer of the world summit in defense of persecuted Christians, which was held in Moscow and in Washington.

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