Free courses for care opens the set wishing to become sisters of mercy

Photo: Anna Halperin

If you sympathize with the elderly and sick and want to ease their suffering, you can get a profession sisters care free courses the Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy”.

The nurse is the closest person to the patient, because the doctor the patient sees for a short time and only from time to time, and the nurse is always there. If the patient will observe the best doctors, but he will not receive adequate care, his quality of life will be much worse: it will recover longer and suffer more.

But to properly care for the seriously ill or old, need to know much about the anatomy, the correct positioning of the patient, the techniques of hygiene and change of body position, psychology. The nurse needs to understand and in matters of faith — because in addition to following the doctor’s advice, she invites the priest to those who ask for spiritual support.

Orthodox service of assistance “Mercy” (Moscow) invites you to a free training courses for sisters to care!

The training program includes preparation in subjects: fundamentals of nursing seriously ill people, anatomy, pharmacology, therapy, spiritual basics of mercy.

Courses last for 7 months and include 388 hours of lectures and practical classes.

At the heart of learning — years practical experience of sisters in care in the service of Mercy and the hospital of St. Alexis, the best modern practice severe bedridden patients, the elderly, children with multiple disabilities.

Photo: Anna Halperin

Courses skilled nurses will explain how to assess the patient’s condition, to render him an ambulance, to properly move bedridden, to organize care to avoid bedsores. Also the courses teach you how to communicate with dying people, not to hurt, when faced with death and learn to “let go” of patients.

The program includes 120 hours of practice under the guidance of experienced sisters to care in the following projects (selection):

  • Holy Spiridonievsky hospice
  • Palliative care Department of the hospital of St. Alexius
  • Assistance to single bedridden patients of the First city hospital
  • Nurse service care at home
  • St. Sophia social house
  • Assistance in PNI №11

The course participants will have the opportunity to get a unique diversity of experience of different aspects of care, to learn a profession and find a job after the training.

Classes will take place three times a week from 17.00 to 20.00 hours on the basis of CDB of St. Alexis the Metropolitan of Moscow at the address: Leninsky prospect, d. 27. The course lasts 7 months. The courses will begin in mid-November. The exact date applicants will be notified after the interview.

The graduates are employed in projects of service of assistance “Mercy”.

If You are willing to attend classes regularly and to practice as a volunteer, we will invite you for a preliminary interview. Complete the short questionnaire on the link.

Phone for inquiries +7 (495) 542-00-00.

Requirements to candidates:

  • age 25-50 years;
  • the desire to serve patients
  • absence of contraindications for health reasons (care of bed-ridden patients requires the physical strength)
  • preferably a permanent Confessor

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