From 14 to 18 July 2018 in Kostroma will be held the Tsarist days


From 14 to 18 July 2018 in Kostroma will be held the Royal days dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the martyrdom of the last Russian Emperor Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov and his family. This tragic event became one of the milestones of the Russian revolution of the twentieth century, is both a Christian holiday Confessor’s deed of the Holy Royal Martyrs. Celebrate the anniversary gives us reason to revisit its own forgotten traditions and sacred ideals, to recognize and understand the special role and high service, which commits Russia in world history.

Kostroma diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church with the support of the Kostroma region Administration plans to hold a wide range of activities aimed at restoring the historical memory and understanding of the effects of the Russian tragedy of the early twentieth century, spiritually-moral and Patriotic education of the younger generation, promotion of traditional values, according to
information Department of the Kostroma diocese. The culmination of the Royal days in Kostroma will be the solemn Procession and worship on July 16-17 at the Holy Trinity Ipatiev monastery.

A group of Royal days Vkontakte –

Short program events:

  • July 14 at 12:00 on the main stage in the Kremlin Park in Kostroma will be held the solemn opening of the “Royal days in Kostroma” with a prayer service accompanied by peals.
  • July 14-15 (Saturday and Sunday), the Park will have several thematic venues: the festival of Orthodox kitchen “the Royal table”, the festival and master classes peals, sports festival “Russian character,” the Cossack war, the historical parade in costumes, will open the exhibition “the Romanovs in Kostroma” will be held free tours for everyone.
  • On the main stage in the Park will be concerts of creative collectives, will be shown a chronicle of the life of the Royal family and the reconstitution of the Kostroma Kremlin will host a meeting with the Director and the presentation of the cartoon “God’s gift” on the Theodorov icon of the Mother of God (Studio Baltic television), will be an Orthodox poet Archpriest Andrew Logvinov.
  • 14 July at 20:00 will take place the concert of youth musical collectives of the city, July 15 from 17:00 performances of youth theatre groups.
  • 16 July at 20:00 – all-night vigil at Epiphany-Anastasiin Cathedral.
  • 16 Jul 22:45 – Solemn procession in memory of the Holy Royal Martyrs with the Theodore icon of the blessed virgin Mary from the walls of Epiphany Anastasiin monastery to the Ipatiev monastery.
  • July 17 0:00 is Early (night) the divine Liturgy in the Trinity Cathedral of the Ipatiev monastery.
  • July 17 9:00 – a Late divine Liturgy in the Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin of the Ipatiev monastery.
  • July 18 at 9.30 am on the day of the martyrdom of St. prmc. Elizabeth and nun Barbara – divine Liturgy in Bogoyavlenka-Anastasiin Cathedral.

The event will also be held in the monastery of the Royal martyrs p. Domnino, in makarievo-Unzha monastery, Elisabeth ward, p. Chistye Bory, Alexander Antoninska ward of the city of Kostroma.

For the Kostroma audience and guests of the region during the holidays will be organized pilgrimages to the Shrine of Kostroma land.

The full agenda is provided on the website of Kostroma metropolis.

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