From the new sounds Loew was shocked – he shouted and threw off the processors

In 4 years, Loew suffered meningoencephalitis (inflammation of the membranes and substances of the brain) and ceased to hear. He was diagnosed “bilateral chronic sensorineural hearing loss of 4-th degree”. To some extent, to restore hearing, Leva had a cochlear implant (complicated surgery on the structures of the inner ear). Now Leve the necessary course of rehabilitation to learn to hear and speak.

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3 years taught English and Spanish

Up to two years Leva were almost indistinguishable from the other children. Normal child: he went to kindergarten, participated in the morning, loved to dance and watch cartoons. Spoke single words: “mommy”, “daddy”, “give”. And after two years, suddenly started talking in full sentences. In 3 years he had read, believed, taught in English and Spanish.

“He studied everything on the web. Himself. He liked it. Found educational cartoons – first in Russian, then in English, then in Spanish. It all started with numbers, then came the colors, shapes and everything else. Vocabulary in English he was more than Russian.

One day, I come, and on his computer screen something in Arabic. I told him: “Leva! Do not abuse the brain! Enough of you English and Spanish!” says Lyova’s mother Irina. In mathematics he liked incredibly. The numbers for him is a passion. He could count in order, then in reverse order, in tens, in increments of two, three, four numbers… texts on the computer gaining free”.

All were surprised: here is a gifted child, unbelievable! Irina smiled. Remembered sitting in the rocking chair, where lay her only born child, and said: “Lev, you’re my most intelligent! An astronaut or inventor!” And Lev, growing up, as if trying to justify her expectations.

Meningitis, get to a hospital!

Shortly before he turned 4 years old, got sick. It seemed the common cold. Treated. Leva began to recover. Then suddenly it all started again. High fever, called an ambulance. The doctors made a shot and warned: be careful, goes latent meningitis. The symptoms are defined immediately, you need to be alert.

Irina took my son to the clinic. The pediatrician made the diagnosis “angina”. And in the evening of the same day, Lowe got worse: high fever, head thrown back, bent legs… called ambulance Again. “Meningitis! Urgently to the hospital!” – the doctors said.

“The night we Left was spent in the house, in Boxing. He did drip, but not getting any better. He then lost consciousness, came to himself. In the morning he was taken to the intensive care unit. Léo did a blood transfusion and was diagnosed as “meningoencephalitis”. I don’t remember its status… Probably just passed out,” recalls Irina.

Six days Loew was in intensive care. To it let nobody. These days Irina worked from morning till night, to not think. Son from intensive care her hands made a nurse. Lev heard his mom’s voice and turned his head. Then he had heard…

Suddenly the speakers get loud, and he didn’t even budge

“We nursed him for a long time. After resuscitation Loew did not go and almost did not sit. Were talking as they say inceltici, – drawl. We long could not understand that he lost his hearing. The doctors said that Loew simply does not understand the speech addressed to him. But things will get better with time”, – says Irina.

What happens to the son, she and her husband did not immediately understand. Drew attention to the fact that Loew seemed to withdraw into himself. He ceased to read books and ran away when he wanted to read them. He began to spend more time at the computer, continued to watch educational cartoons, but with subtitles, and learning English.

“Remember, my son was discharged from the hospital and preparing for the New year. My husband brought home speakers, plug them into the TV. Lev sat with his back to it and something painted. My mom was in the kitchen, we have it combined with a room. Suddenly the speakers get loud! My mom and I was scared. Mother of fear dropped from the hands of the plate. Lev was sitting closest to the speakers. From the sharp sound he did not move, did not blink. Then we realized that he did not hear,” – says Irina.

After the holidays have an appointment, was tested. The results of the survey, it was decided that help could only Leve cochlear implants – a difficult surgery on the structures of the inner ear. The doctors explained that the implant consists of two parts: internal (electrode that is inserted into the patient’s ear) and external (speech processor). Devices are connected by two magnets. The external part of the device is fixed on the head.

I was in shock, screaming and threw off the processors

The operation Leve made in Moscow in April 2015. He tolerated it well. After the anesthesia, and seeing mom, waved at her and went to sleep. Connect speech processors, the doctors decided in a month when it heals. This has proved difficult. Loew was shocked by the new sounds, they shouted and threw off the processors. To wear them is not wanted in any.

“What to do? Had to all get used to it. At home I took all levs “good”: the computer, telephone, toys, even pencils and crayons.

For three days he just lay on the couch and stared at the ceiling. My husband didn’t turn on the TV, did not use the phone. No one did anything.

Leva found on the floor, the pencil that rolled off somewhere, and began to draw. I came, took a pencil and showed wear their “ears” – I’ll pay you back. He categorically refused. But on the fourth day, gave up and pointed to the ears – “put it on”. I plugged his processor returned all the toys. Since Loew apparatus no longer removes”, – says Irina.

In this year Lev went to the first class correctional school for deaf children. Passion for mathematics and English language, which, according to testing, he knows much better than Russian, added astronomy. All new information Leva remembers instantly. Written answers to questions. But the speech is still slurred.

Leve I needed professional help

“After Loew lost his hearing, his speech scattered. After all, when a person does not hear, he does not control what he says. Now we re-restored it. Leva tries to speak in sentences, even better. The hearing must be developed. He practically does not use. If it says the person reads lips, if it is in some situation, the image and actions of others trying to understand what is required of him. And if you cover your mouth with a leaf, for example, to Loew didn’t see the articulation, he does not understand that he was saying,” – says Irina.

Léo really need regular rehabilitation: lessons from the deaf, a speech therapist, a psychologist, a music teacher and play therapist. They will help him to restore speech and facilitate communication with others. Irina is sure that her son definitely will cope with everything in the future will be a good programmer or web designer. After all, now he develops computer modeling, inventing new games, even created a YouTube channel.

Let’s help Leve! Rehabilitation, which now so is necessary, is too expensive for a family with two children where only the father works. They have no such money.

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